Halo Infinite speedrunner beats campaign in less than 30 minutes

Halo Infinite speedrunners have been beating the game’s campaign in less than an hour for a few weeks now. However, one runner has just secured the first-ever sub-30-minute run for the Any% easy category.

Like any game, players quickly found ways to exploit Halo Infinite’s gameplay to their advantage. Infinite isn’t a buggy mess, but thanks to its new open-world, powerful weaponry, and useful grappling hook; players were flying across the map without the need for a Banshee.

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Even though launching yourself to the other side of the Halo sounds overpowered, it’s not a technique players use in the current speedrun route. Instead, more technical glitches were discovered that allow players to skip entire sequences in the campaign with very minor setup.

Outside of glitches, the run itself is very satisfying to watch. Runners know exactly where to go and what the optimal route is to get there. It’s almost like watching Master Chief as he’s described in the Halo novels.

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Sasquatch’s sub-30 run in Halo Infinite

halo infinite grapple shot343 Industries
Halo Infinite’s Grapple Shot is the most important tool in campaign speedruns.

The previous fastest time was by Cryphon who nailed a 30:31 run on January 1. And within a day, Sasquatch took the number 1 spot on the leaderboard with a run time of 29:49. This is the first sub-30-minute run of Halo Infinite’s campaign.

The first half of the run features Sasquatch playing through the campaign’s opening sequences normally. Albeit, their route is very fluid, and they spare a lot of enemies along the way. They also prioritize getting Spartan Cores to upgrade their grappling hook.

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It’s not until they get the glitched Scorpion Turret gun that the gameplay becomes abnormal. Sasquatch then proceeds to use a Ghost and enemies to glitch past certain campaign sequences. And within 20 minutes, they are at the campaign’s final stretch.

It’s important to note that players are still developing strategies to optimize the speedrun. There are also several times throughout their run where they lose time by having to repeat steps or when they run into objects while driving.

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Some of these may be minor time saves, but a run is at its most competitive state when players are fighting to shave off seconds from their runs. Other runners may dethrone Sasquatch within the coming days. However, they will always be the first to beat Halo Infinite in less than 30 minutes.

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