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Halo Infinite pro fined tournament winnings after criticizing “pathetic” state of game

Published: 6/May/2022 8:23

by Dave Deiley


Professional Halo player and Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Spartan’ Ganza has doubled down on his criticism of Halo Infinite’s “pathetic” second season, even after being fined for his social media conduct.

Halo Infinite’s rough ride into the release of Season 2 shows no signs of easing. Players and professionals alike have not taken well to the update with bugs and issue’s being reported daily.

With the high level of negativity surrounding the release “driving players away”, 343 and the HCS have started handing out fines to pro players who take it too far.

Spartan, fresh off a top 4 at Kansas City with eUnited, was the first to get slapped with one.


After a series of tweets on May 5 in which Spartan called the game “borderline unplayable” and “f**king pathetic”, he revealed 24 hours later that officials fined him for his conduct.

Even through the monetary penalty though, he was roasting the state of the game: “I’d take this moment to apologize to absolutely nobody. I stand by everything I’ve said.”

With the players refusal to back down causing questions to pop up around what exactly he is getting fined for, fans were directed to the HCS Code of Conduct.

A clause in the code states “participants are to express their opinions in a professional manner, disparagement and harassment will not be tolerated.”


Spartan doesn’t know the exact value of the fine, but he believes it’ll be around the $2000 mark.

“Maybe they’ll use the fine money to f**king fix the game,” he said on stream.


As criticism around the new season ramps up, more fines might be on their way if players speak out on social media — at least in the way Spartan did.