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Halo Infinite pro accused of wall-hacking in $10K tournament

Published: 9/Jan/2022 17:37 Updated: 9/Jan/2022 17:46

by Jaret Kappelman


Built By Gamers Halo Infinite pro Minds has been accused of cheating with wallhacks after winning an online $10K tournament.

Built By Gamers were one of the more promising teams entering the Halo Championship Series season.

Surrounded by young talent, the team started off the year relatively strong with a top-16 placement at HCS Raleigh.

However, things are starting to get controversial in the BBG camp as Pioneers pro Druk has accused Minds of cheating following the emergence of a “suspicious clip.”

Halo Infinite pro accused of cheating 

The clip posted by Druk breaks down what he believes is incriminating evidence that Minds was using wallhacks.


From random pre-fires to perfect reticle placement, the Canadian player outlined all that he found suspicious about his opponent’s gameplay.

In his breakdown, he said: “He just pre-fires me without even seeing me, I haven’t shot, his teammate hasn’t shot me, and he just puts a full burst into the pipe before he even sees me.”

He provided a longer explanation in his YouTube video where he took a look at multiple plays from the game. The game in question was map 5 of the Grand Finals, which BBG ended up winning 50-49.

Twitch star NICKMERCS even jumped in on the action, saying that he has played against Minds before and thought he was suspicious. “Isn’t this the kid that beat us in the Rivals?” he asked.


While this is just an accusation, it could become a bigger issue. HCS announced on January 7 that all open bracket matches would be played online prior to the event starting.

The HCS hasn’t been lenient when it comes to handing out punishments this season – Sentinels star Royal2 has already been suspended for two months for suspected cheating.

For now, we will need to wait for Halo to do their own investigation and make an official ruling.