Halo Infinite players want big changes to vehicle spawns that can ruin games

halo infinite vehicles343 Industries

Halo Infinite players want a fix to matchmaking’s vehicle spawns after feeling the disparity of how equipment is spread out across the map.

Game-changing vehicles like Scorpions, Wraiths, and Banshees are more commonly seen in Big Team Battle, the 12v12 playlist that invites all the classic chaos Halo is known for.

But a video by user ‘DauntlessK2’ showed how imbalanced Infinite’s vehicle spawns can get. This has people calling the game’s competitive integrity into question seeing as one portion of the map can get gifted a few tanks more than the other side.

“We were winning 1-0 for about a third of the match,” DauntlessK2 said. “But near the end when they got the Wraith and especially the Scorpion, they were ahead for obvious reasons.”

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In the timelapse of their match, the player shows how his team had two fewer vehicle drops in total. However, other than the Banshee, the losing team didn’t get a big-ticket item that could sway the outcome of the match.

Instead, the winning team was given two tanks that can be seen laying waste across the Halo battlegrounds.

This has people trying to solve the issue for developers 343 Industries, hoping for a quick fix to the problem that can derail an entire game.

halo infinite pelican343 Industries
Halo Infinite players want a change to the Pelican dropship system for game-changing vehicles.

“Having Pelicans drop in vehicles is good but not if they are random for each side,” one user said. “I’d prefer periodic respawns but it’d be fine if each team got the same random vehicles.”

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Halo Infinite officially releases on December 9 and the devs have been using this Multiplayer beta period as a way to test everything from their servers to the latest build of matchmaking.

The vehicle spawn system is just one of the aspects that the Halo community wants 343 to solve ahead of Infinite’s complete launch.