Halo Infinite players recreate split-screen co-op after devs scrap feature

Halo Infinite split-screen343 Industries

The Halo community has found a way to play Halo Infinite in split-screen co-op despite developers 343 Industries revealing the feature has been permanently cut from the game with no intention of a late addition.

When Halo 5 launched, it did so without split-screen. And while the feature was later added in, fans were still concerned that what was one a pivotal part of the Halo experience was seemingly less of a priority to 343.

Following the backlash of Halo 5, the devs were quick to reassure fans that Halo Infinite would be getting the split-screen co-op feature. However, at the beginning of September 2022, 343 confirmed that the highly anticipated split-screen co-op campaign experience many were waiting for will no longer be added to the game. 

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This news sent shockwaves through the Halo community, with some even calling on Microsoft to hand over the franchise to a new development team. After all, split-screen gameplay has been a staple of the Halo franchise.

In light of this news, some Halo players have chosen to take matters into their own hands, finding a work around so that they are still able to play split-screen Halo Infinite. Twitter user KatsuyatheFuuk posted a video online of Infinite being played split-screen. 

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Halo Creation posted a tutorial video online of a glitch that has been discovered in Halo Infinite that allows for co-op. The glitch can be accessed on Xbox Series S/X. At the time of writing this, 343 are yet to acknowledge the glitch or make any efforts to patch it up. 

Halo Creation confirmed in the video “after checking on Series X, the menu glitches to play Halo Infinite campaign splitscreen still work: no crash in cutscenes, no issue with AIs, etc.” 

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And while the split-screen glitch does face some major FPS issues when the players enter the open-world environment, it is still proof the mode is something that 343 could have added into the game. After seeing this, the Halo community are even more frustrated by 343’s decision to stop working on the feature.

However, it is likely it will be the only way for Halo fans to experience split-screen co-op for Halo Infinite.

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