Halo Infinite players make sensational plea for game to be more like Fortnite

Zackerie Fairfax

Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle mode has been broken for a month now, and players want to be rewarded for the inconvenience. Some players are even citing Fortnite as a reference for how players should be treated.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer launched for free over a month before the game’s campaign. Ever since then, players have continuously found reasons to complain about their experience despite it being free-to-play.

First, it was that Halo Infinite’s XP progression was too slow. Then it was displeasure in how the game’s events were executed. And while the campaign has received an immense amount of praise, the multiplayer is still under fire.

The multiplayer is almost two months old, and for the past month, it’s been missing one of its key game modes: Big Team Battle. Now, Halo Infinite players are expressing how they wish for the game to be more like Fortnite.

Players want Halo to be more like Fortnite

master chief in fortnite
Epic Games
Master Chief is a playable character in both Halo Infinite and Fortnite

Reddit user Squirrel09 posted their feeling about Halo’s BTB to the r/Halo subreddit. They pointed out how Fortnite players receive a free pickaxe and Double XP weekend to make up for the game being down for 6 hours. Meanwhile, Halo players haven’t been able to play BTB for a month and have to pay for challenge swaps.

The reason this is a big issue is that players have to complete weekly challenges to earn rewards and XP. However, some challenges can only be completed in specific modes. So, if a player has a challenge they have to complete in BTB, they will have to buy a Challenge Swap to move on to a new challenge.

With 4.5k upvotes, it’s clear many agree with Squirrel09’s sentiment. Some comments even state that Epic Games is smarter than 343 Industries for catering to players in this way.

halo needs to be like fortnite reddit post

Some players even believe that giving away free cosmetics would make them want to play to unlock more. And there are even those who believe that Fortnite’s cosmetics are more reasonably priced than Halo’s.

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