Halo Infinite modders reveal full armor customization is already possible - Dexerto

Halo Infinite modders reveal full armor customization is already possible

Published: 8/Jan/2022 11:33

by Sam Comrie


Halo Infinite players might not have to wait much longer for full armor customization, as modders have discovered the highly requested feature is already possible. 

The latest iteration of Microsoft’s sci-fi shooter franchise, Halo Infinite, has been impressing players far and wide since its release.

Hailed as a step “in the right direction” by the Dexerto team, players have been making the experience their own through the game’s limited customization options.

However, those limits have been thwarted by modders looking to expand Halo Infinite’s horizons.

halo infinite master chief
343 Industries
While classic looks are available in the Armor Hall, Halo Infinite allows further customization.

“Cross core customization” can be achieved in Halo Infinite

Brought to the attention of avid Halo players, Reddit user u/hantar7788 displayed a variety of unique armor combinations that are currently impossible to achieve in-game.


While this was achieved through “minimum effort” modding, this feature still remains locked to bots within Halo Infinite.

The images originated “from a Halo leak / modding Discord”, with the first image displaying a “photoshopped” concept. The rest of the images are purely in-game, sparking debate between players on whether 343 Industries will enable full customization in the future.

Cross core customisation is possible. Modders achieved this with minimum effort apparently from halo

“Of course it’s possible. Bots achieved this from the beginning,” user u/Mhunterjr said, while others noted that the solution is fairly simple: “We know it’s a flick of the switch solution. It’s a money decision. It has nothing to do with if it’s possible.”


Some players have hit out at 343 for restricting customization in Halo Infinite, lambasting their current approach to it. “I’m not spending $20 on a f**king skin, an emblem, and a key chain. That’s ridiculous… I just find their pricing model disrespect to the fans of this franchise,” said one.

As players grind their way through the battle pass, the option for full customization remains locked for the foreseeable future.