Halo Infinite leaks reveal possible Buzz Lightyear crossover

Andrew Highton. Last updated: Jan 10, 2022
master chief and buzz lightyear
343 Industries, Disney

In one of the more peculiar game and film crossovers, it seems like Halo Infinite might be teaming up with Buzz Lightyear. The colors of everyone’s favorite Space Ranger have been spotted in some leaked Halo Infinite files, kickstarting rumors.

To Halo Infinite, and beyond! A terrible joke it may be, but it could be accurate as 343 Industries could be looking ahead to its first major crossover. Video games have always had crossovers in one way or another, but Fortnite has really bridged this gap in the last couple of years.

A litany of Hollywood names and franchises have made their way into the battle royale shooter, and even CoD followed suit in 2020 with the likes of John McClane, Rambo, and Ghost Face appearing in Cold War and Warzone.

Now, it could be the turn of Halo Infinite.

master chief looking at cortana
343 Industries
Master Chief and Cortana are basically like Woody and Buzz if you think about it.

A bunch of paid Warthog skins look to be inbound for Halo Infinite players to acquire. The potential leak surfaced on the official Halo subreddit and was courtesy of user bissue_tox.

They posted five different pictures showing off the collection of 23 Warthog skins. But one, in particular, caught users off-guard as its colors clearly matched those of a certain, famous Toy Story character.

In the first image, second from left, is a Warthog that has a lot of white, green, and purple, and are the colors of Buzz Lightyear. “Is that a Buzz Lightyear one?” one user said, whereas someone else commented that the “Lightyear” movie releases June 2022. Could be an advertisement for that.”

If these images are accurate, then there’s every possibility that this skin is merely a homage to the famous Space Ranger. It may not be a direct tie-in with the upcoming film. Halo has never really had major crossovers, so this could finally be the time for it to happen.

These images are considered leaks for now, which means to err on the side of caution when it comes to this information.