Halo Infinite leak claims “Invasion 2.0” coming – not battle royale

Halo Infinite and Halo Reach covers343 Industries / Bungie

A battle royale has been rumored for Halo Infinite for some time. However, according to a fresh leak, the new game type in development is actually “Invasion 2.0,” a follow-up to the fan-favorite Halo Reach mode.

After a positive reception at launch, Halo Infinite has come under fire from its players in recent weeks. Despite the game looking and feeling great to play, ongoing issues with cheaters and disappointing events are affecting its standing within the community.

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With this in mind, 343 Industries are doing everything in their power to try and win back some favor in the long wait for Season 2. On top of the leaked new maps, a fresh game mode is said to be in development at Certain Infinity.

Many expected this to be the long-rumored battle royale, but a new leak hints at something even more exciting in its place. An updated version of Invasion from Halo Reach could be on the way.

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Halo Reach Invasion modeBungie
Halo Reach’s Invasion mode made full use of large maps and vehicles.

Classic Halo Reach mode leaked for Halo Infinite

In response to the news that Certain Affinity was working on a new multiplayer mode, known Halo leaker Surasia tweeted to try and shed some light on the story. As fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that this would be the battle royale mode previously mentioned, they clarified that it’s “like a sort of Invasion 2.0.”

Invasion, last seen in Halo Reach back in 2010, was one of that game’s most beloved modes. It saw teams of six battle for control of specific points of the map over three different phases, similar to Conquest from the Battlefield series.

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Following on from this leak, Surasia shed a little more light on some of the supposed mode’s new features.

You can ‘hack’ Sentinels so they join your team, and defend FOBs,” they said in a tweet. Later, they added, “it’s not a BR” and would play like a “bigger team battle,” referencing the popular Big Team Battle playlist that has become a series staple.

Unfortunately, there is no timeline yet as to when this rumored new mode will come to Halo Infinite. The leaker admitted that there may be a long time to wait before we hear anything concrete.

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I don’t know where it’s at in terms of development,” they said. “But there’s been assets created for it so I’d say we’ll hear about it Q3 2022.”

As always with leaks of this kind, take them with a pinch of salt until they are confirmed by 343 themselves. Still, the prospect of a classic Halo mode returning after 10 years away will no doubt have fans excited.