Halo Infinite leak claims five new maps are coming to multiplayer

Halo Infinite maps343 Industries

A new Halo Infinite leak claims there are five new maps on the way to the game’s multiplayer.

When Halo Infinite’s multiplayer launched on November 15, it did so with a small selection of playlists, and only 10 different maps. While popular playlists like SWAT, now known as Tactical Slayer, and Fiesta have made their return to the lineup, devs still haven’t addressed the game’s lack of level variety.

However, according to a new leak it seems like some fresh multiplayer maps might finally be on the horizon.

Spartan running through Halo Infinite map343 Industries
The Halo franchise is known for its multiplayer maps.

Halo Infinite leak showcases five new multiplayer maps

On January 13, Twitter user leaks_infinite shared images of five new maps and their names: Cataract, Forbidden, Beltway, Solitude, and Bath Salts — which some users think could be actually named “Basalts” instead.

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The leak claims to show the maps in the early stages of development, using various assets from within the game itself to create placeholder images. This means that what’s included in the tweet is not the final version we’ll see when they come out.

“To anyone looking at these and thinking “wow they look like crap!” You’re right,” one user explained. “This is what [is] called the “Blockout phase” which is an extremely important part of the early development phase where lowpoly assets are used to create the basic shape and design of the map.”

As always, leaks or rumors like these should be taken with a grain of salt especially as the 343 have yet to officially comment on them.

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One thing’s for certain though, Halo fans want more maps and this could be a sign they’re coming soon.