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Halo Infinite is literally selling the color blue for $8

Published: 7/Jan/2022 17:55

by Zackerie Fairfax


If you aren’t a fan of the default blue armor coating for the Yoroi armor set, you can now purchase a new (albeit very similar) blue coating for $8.

It’s no secret that players aren’t happy with the way Halo Infinite is going about its cosmetics. Players start with a very limited pool of customization options and have to grind the Season 1 Battle Pass to unlock more.

Alternatively, players can spend money on credits to buy cosmetics from the item shop. However, players have found that the amount of money they have to spend per item isn’t always worth it.


There are exceptions like the $10 cat ears that took over multiplayer. But for the most part, players seem unhappy with the price of most cosmetics in the in-game store.

Halo Infinite sells the color blue for $8

halo infinite yoroi lucky blue bundle
343 Industries
The Lucky Blue armor set costs 800 credits or $8 USD.

Perhaps the most egregious instance of overpriced cosmetics is the $8 price tag on the color blue. When the Halo Infinite shop reset on January 4th, the new Lucky Blue bundle moved into the item shop.

Lucky Blue includes a blue armor coating for the Yoroi armor core as well as a yellow visor. When players released this bundle was priced at $8, they were furious.

Mint Blitz tweeted, “There’s no way it’s $8 for the colour blue, and because cores are locked they can resell colours for each armour set.”


Another user commented that Halo Infinite is selling a color that has been a default team color since 2001. Others have pointed out that the Yoroi armor already comes with a blue armor coating, and they question why 343 would try to get you to pay for a different blue.

Some players responded to the outrage by saying “Just don’t buy it.” While you aren’t forced to buy any cosmetics, players aren’t happy with the lack of customization they have available, and buying skins is one of the only ways to expand their armory.

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