Halo Infinite is giving players physical rewards for in-game achievements

Halo Infinite rewards header image343 Industries

Halo Infinite players will now be getting the chance to purchase some new and customisable merchandise as part of the new Halo gear rewards system. The gear will be earnable by completing specific in-game tasks.

Players of all games will be used to getting in-game rewards for breaking through achievements. Skins, banners, maybe a trophy or two — that’s the usual assortment.

However, in-game achievements translating into tangible physical rewards are a rarity. However, 343 has just announced a new system for Halo Infinite players that does just that.

The new Halo Gear Rewards system will provide players with the chance to purchase real-life merch and content from the Halo Gear shop. The news was revealed on July 26, with 343 announcing that the first item on offer is the Fracture: Entrenched Tanker Jacket.

They describe the piece of clothing as a “high-quality jacket” that “features embroidered emblem patches, beautifully screen-printed Halo art, and a personalized removable Gamertag patch.”

The jacket also comes with an additional UNSC patch for a “stealthier option.”

Halo Infinite rewards body image343 Industries
The Fracture: Entrenched Tanker Jacket is the first item the be purchasable through the new Halo gear rewards system

How to unlock Halo Infinite Fracture: Entrenched Tanker Jacket for purchase

First things first, players must complete the Fracture: Entrenched Event Pass in its entirety before November 1, 2022, to be able to then purchase the jacket.

Once the event pass is completed, players must then log on to their Halo Waypoint profile. From there, a unique code should be uploaded to the account within 24 hours of completing the required task.

It’s important to note that you will still need to pay for the merch — finishing the event pass does not mean you are able to get your hands on the Halo Infinite rewards for free.

There will be a limit of “one code per account” for items. For those eligible, codes for the Tanker Jacket should already be “rolling out to qualifying players.”

Once the code has been sent through, players will then be able to customize their jacket, pick out the right size and then order it.

343 seem to have lots of new content in the works for the Halo community. Halo Infinite game modes Forge and co-op are on the way. A new novel will be releasing soon as well and will tell the story of the events leading up to Halo Infinite’s main narrative.

The Fracture: Entrenched Tanker Jacket will be available for purchase right up until November 15, 2022. Those who do buy it can expect it to be shipped out in Q1 of 2023.