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Halo Infinite fans discover absurd ‘wallhack’ exploit

Published: 22/May/2022 22:43

by Alec Mullins


Halo Infinite has seen a mountain of problems in 2022 but this wallhack-like pinging exploit is another huge issue that the devs will have to fight back against. 

Cheating has been a real problem so in Halo Infinite’s lifespan. From legitimate aimbots to blatant wallhacks, the problem has ruined casual lobbies and the Ranked ladder alike.

While it was previously just contained to the people who were willing to pay for third-party programs to cheat their way to the top, there’s a casual new in-game exploit that does the majority of the work without the extra hassle.

Halo Infinite’s secret wallhack exploit could become a major problem

Halo Infinite player with Energy Sword
343 Industries
Hackers already ran amok in Halo lobbies, but now things could be getting even worse.

This problem was first spotted by DanizzyEU on Twitter, who kindly recruited some friends to help show off exactly how bad it breaks the game.


All it takes is one teammate to ping the opposite side of the wall where an enemy is hiding and the game will automatically reveal if there’s a bad guy still in the area or not, no line of sight required.

This effectively removes any chance of getting away from a gunfight after being hurt. It also makes it nearly impossible to use corners as a way of preempting an aggressive play out of the other team.

Instead of pushing, they can simply ping the wall in front of them and prepare to charge if the yellow warning sign pops up on their screen.


This is yet another thing that Bungie will have to turn their eyes towards after promising to patch up Season 2’s bumpy start.