Halo Infinite devs reveal images of scrapped vehicles, weapons & enemies

Philip Trahan
halo cutting room floor screenshot cut content header image343 Industries / Bungie

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries peels back the curtain on Halo: Combat Evolves’ history, showcasing images of cut content from the game.

343 Industries have been digging through the archives as of late in a series called ‘Cutting Room’ found on the Halo Waypoint companion website.

This latest installment takes a trip down memory lane for the 2001 release Halo: Combat Evolved which started Microsoft’s iconic first-person shooter.

This latest blog post dives into cut content from the game, which hosts a bunch of images showing scrapped weapons, vehicles, and enemies.

Halo: Combat Evolved devs revealed scrapped content

halo combat evolved stealth tank viper343 Industries / Bungie
The M700 Viper tank was a cut vehicle from Halo: Combat Evolved, which will eventually make its way into the Master Chief Collection.

Alex Wakeford, a writer on the Community Team at 343 Industries, helmed the piece which details the history leading up to Halo: Combat Evolves release.

The piece first detailed weapons that the development team scrapped for the first game, including the Spectre, the JOV-99 Kestrel, and the Überchassis H2C.

Wakeford gives each of the scrapped vehicles bits of official lore. For example, the CMA originally commissioned the JOV-99 Kestrel for battle use, but after the dissolution of the CMA, the Misriah Armory lobbied for the Wasp to effectively replace it.

What’s more, is that a lot of these scrapped vehicles will be canon again and added back to Halo in The Masterchief Collection thanks to the Digsite Alpha initiative.

halo combat evolved gravity wrench343 Industries / Bungie
The gravity wrench was a scrapped weapon for Halo: Combat Evolved.

The post details a few scrapped enemies, like the Thorn Beast and Blind Wolf predators, along with the tiny Keelbug.

Finally, fans got a look at the gravity wrench weapon, which fired a compressed gravitic field that was originally used for mining by Miner Forerunners in the Halo universe.

Fans interested in learning more about Halo’s lore should give the full post a read, as it does a lot to flesh out the roots that started the now iconic history of the Halo franchise.