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Halo fans want one feature from The Mandalorian in Paramount’s TV show

Published: 3/Feb/2022 1:43

by Alan Bernal


The Halo community wants the Paramount TV series to follow The Mandalorian’s lead in regards to its main characters after the reveal trailer was met with mixed reception from die-hard fans

343 Industries and Steven Spielberg’s studio, Amblin Television, are heading up the Paramount+ Halo adaptation. Despite the anticipation, many were let down with the reveal after learning the show was a non-canon interpretation of the legendary video game franchise.

The sci-fi genre has been thriving in the streaming era so people got to thinking how Paramount could pivot. Some believe there are better ways to incorporate aspects of what made the Halo games iconic.


“Honestly, all they had to do with the Halo series is have Master Chief crash on Halo saving marines with his sidekick Cortana uncovering the mystery of the ring,” actor and producer Stephen Ford said. “The Mandalorian but Halo.”

The change would give the Halo TV series a different focus, mainly on the dynamic duo we know in the game, the Chief and Cortana. Though it would change the direction from what we saw in the trailer, the concept was something Halo fans could buy into.

Since both franchises feature a stoic lead character who prefers to let their weapons do the talking, there’s plenty of room for interplay between a trusty side-kick.


In either case, fans are hesitant about the show’s current direction which seems to veer a bit too far from what they know.

“Been waiting 20 years for a Halo movie/show and the first thing that’s actually given a budget is a huge departure from the source material,” one fan said. “ Feels bad man.

“It’s mostly disappointing cause it means we likely will never get a faithful adaptation of the books/games in our lifetime.”

The nine-episode run will introduce new viewers and longtime fans to the Halo universe, but not exactly how some imagined it.

Though the production could have borrowed from more narrative-focused material like Halo: Reach or the novels, fans are going to wait and see how the TV series shapes up to the stories they already know.