Halo 3 players help stranger earn last achievement before servers shut off

halo 3 wholesome achievement moment

The Xbox 360 servers for Halo 3 will be taken offline in the coming days, and players are rushing to earn all of their matchmaking achievements. Luckily for one gamer, the lobby was willing to help him earn his final achievement.

Halo 3 has some pretty difficult achievements for players to earn. And if you’re an achievement hunter, getting them all can be a very challenging endeavor. Even though Halo 3 has been around for 14 years, some players are still hunting.

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On December 14, 343 Industries announced that some Halo titles would lose online support. They would be taking the servers for Halo 3, ODST, Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, and Halo 4 offline.

This also means that players will no longer be able to earn specific achievements in those games. And so began a rush to complete all of the Halo 3 achievements before it was too late.

Halo 3 players help with stranger’s last achievement

halo 3 spartan laser achievement343 Industries
Halo 3’s most difficult challenge requires the precise use of a Spartan Laser.

Reddit user infenty posted a very wholesome Halo 3 interaction to the r/halo subreddit just days before 343 Industries would take the servers offline. In the ranked free-for-all playlist, a player by the name of Fishy956 was attempting to complete his final Halo 3 achievement.

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The achievement in question was titled Two for One. It requires players to kill 2 enemies Spartans with a single Spartan Laser shot. This is the most difficult achievement for players to earn in Halo 3 according to trueachievments.com.

However, Fishy956 ran into a few players that were willing to let him kill them for the achievement. He even offered to let the players kill him for the rest of the game, and he kept his promise. The game ended with Fishy having 2 kills while the others had 14+.

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With only two days left, Fishy956 was part of one of the most wholesome Halo 3 movements. The comments on the Reddit post are filled with players requesting help with achievements and others offering them a lobby to complete them.

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