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TOX dominate DreamHack Dallas Halo 3 tournament – Final Placements

Published: 3/Jun/2019 9:46 Updated: 3/Jun/2019 10:15

by Calum Patterson


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DreamHack’s ‘grassroots’ Halo tournament brought back classic Halo 3 gameplay, with top pro players and teams battling it out for the $50,000 prize pool at DreamHack Dallas.

Legendary players like Paul ‘SnakeBite’ Duarte, Tony ‘LethaL’ Campbell and Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona were all in attendance, but the throwback Halo 3 gameplay was still the star of the show.

Former TOX player Bradley ‘Frosty’ Bergstrom returned to Halo for the first time since he transitioned to professional Call of Duty, but joined up with other veteran players Aaron ‘Ace’ Elam and Mason ‘Neighbor’ Cobb under Falling Esports. 

DreamHackSnakeBite and co took down all the competition.

Former OpTic and Renegades player Bradley ‘aPG’ Laws has taken Frosty’s spot on TOX, and the new lineup still looked as dominant as ever.

Finishing their group 3-0 with only a single map loss, TOX advanced to the winners bracket as the team to beat, but didn’t slip up against Snip3down’s Reciprocity.

Reciprocity went on an impressive losers bracket run, but were unable to overcome Frosty and Co. from Falling Esports in the losers final, denying them a rematch with TOX.

Falling on the other hand did earn their rematch,but still came up short against the dominant TOX squad. After a 2-4 loss to the eventual champions in the winners final, they put up even less of fight in the grand final, and were swept 4-0, handing TOX yet another trophy.

DreamHack Dallas Halo Grassroots tournament 2019 – Final Placements

Place Team Roster Prize
1 TOX SnakeBite, LethuL, aPG, Royal2 $25,000
2 Fallen Esports Eco, Ace, Neighbor, Frosty $10,000
3 Reciprocity Roy, Lunchbox, Snip3down, Pistola $6,000
4 Denial Str8 SicK, Aries, Shele, D3M0N D $3,000
5-6 Sage eSports Goofy, RyaNoob, Cloud, Commonly $2,000
5-6 Nfinite Tusk, Shotzzy, Falcated, bubu dubu $2,000
7-8 Golden Modem Squad Gabriel, TriPPPeY, Zurka, Fantasy $1,000
7-8 Invincible Respectful, Phlux, Jimbo, Guntype $1,000
9-12 Nemesis Esports Eli Elite, Sorrell, MaNiPuLaToR, Alemite
9-12 Lux Gaming Gilkey, WANwerd, Rayne, Penguin
9-12 Fatal Ambition Famous, Sabinater, Shame, Galaxy
9-12 Mason City Minotaurs Swift Kill, Stormy, Rammyy, MuNoZ
13-16 Aggro Jeesus, Yung Serve, Chaikuh, J4H
13-16 Cutting Edge Hunter Jjx, Kaiyeul, EvaduR, Posey
13-16 Life is Good LifeStyle, Weakachu, Flip, Dynamics
13-16 RBG Esports Display, Employee, Skary, RowaN

Cloud9 return to competitive Halo with star championship roster

Published: 5/Oct/2020 20:13 Updated: 5/Oct/2020 20:37

by Albert Petrosyan


Cloud9 have announced that they are re-entering the Halo competitive scene with a new roster stacked with experienced, veteran talent that has won it all.

The prominent esports organization had been absent from competitive Halo since 2016, as their third tenure in the scene was ended after several players left for Team Liquid.

Now, C9 are back in the fold, announcing a new, veteran lineup that’ll lead them back into the esport as the series’ next major title – Halo Infinite – is set to release in early 2021.

Cloud9 Halo roster:

  • Braedon ‘StelluR’ Boettcher
  • Zane ‘Pznguin’ Hearon
  • Kevin ‘Eco’Smith
  • Jonathan ‘Renegade’ Willette
  • Emanuel ‘Hoaxer’ Lovejoy (coach)

All four players formerly featured for the North American-based team Turning Point, which disbanded after all four left in May/June of 2020. The only player who was part of that lineup that’s not been included in C9’s new roster is Swift Kill.

StelluR and Eco, formerly of Splyce and Team Liquid, bring valuable championship experience to the squad after winning the Halo World Championship in 2018 and finishing third the year prior.

Renegade was also part of that Splyce team that won it all in 2018, and he holds the distinction of being the only player ever to have championships in both 2v2 and 4v4 Free-For-All. Last but not least, there’s Pznguin, who rejoins StelluR and Eco after the trio achieved strong success with Team Liquid in 2017.

Kevin ‘Eco’ Smith said in a video released by Cloud9 that he’ll be acting as In-Game Leader.

The team will be coached by Hoaxer, who’s been around competitive Halo since 2011. His coaching accolades include a third-place finish at the HCS Finals in 2018 and fourth-place at the 2018 Halo World Championship.

Cloud9 have yet to reveal the details of their plans to ease back into the Halo scene, so it’s unclear when this new roster will make its debut. But with Infinite set to release in 2021, following a delay, it’ll be exciting to see this championship lineup flex its muscles sooner or later.

Written with contributions from Tanner Pierce.