Dr DisRespect hits out at 343 for shutting down Halo battle royale speculation

by Bill Cooney


After he found out that 343 Industries wasn't looking at a battle royale mode for Halo, Dr. Disrespect had just one question: "Are you guys dumb?"


While playing a round of Call of Duty Black Ops 4's Blackout battle royale mode, the Doc told viewers he had recently read an article that asked the 343 developers about the possibility of a Halo battle royale game in the future.

"I always thought man, a BR halo with regenerative shields and a big open world, that would be cool," Doc told viewers on stream, before he revealed it probably wasn't happening.


"They said 'the only BR we're concerned about is the Battle Rifle' and I'm thinking to myself 'Are you guys Dumb?'" Doc asked viewers, clearly frustrated at 343's response.

"It's amazing, this?" Doc exclaimed as he drove around Blackout's map, with his streaming partner adding that 343 would be dumb not to add a battle royale to the next Halo game.


Blackout has proven to be hugely popular on Twitch, with all kinds of streamers giving Call of Duty's new battle roayle mode a try.

Maybe the success of Blackout will make 343 change their minds on a future Halo battle royale, something many fans of the franchise, including Dr Disrespect, would love to see.