Dr Disrespect explains his major issue with Halo Infinite’s new Attrition mode

Doc streaming next to Halo charcaterYT: Dr Disrespect / 343 Industries

YouTube streamer and gaming stalwart Dr Disrespect has poured cold water on Halo Infinite’s new Attrition game-type, explaining why he’s not convinced by the new Cyber Showdown mode.

Halo Infinite, in spite of the huge excitement that surrounded the game prior to its release, has received mixed feedback since its December 2021 launch.

Its free-to-play multiplayer component got off to a great start, but plenty of Halo fans were less than enamored with the game modes featured and some invasive bugs.

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To allay some fan backlash – and to ensure new content continues to drop – the recently announced Cyber Showdown event brought with it a new Attrition game mode, similar to a typical Team Slayer match but with a limited pool of lives for both teams.

halo infinite big team battle343 Industries
Halo Infinite’s Cyber Showdown event is underway and runs through February 1.

Despite some excitement around the new mode, Dr Disrespect shared some thoughts during a January 21 stream, revealing his issues and why he probably won’t be playing it anytime soon.

“‘Yo Doc!'” he read from a viewer’s donation, “‘Check out Halo Infinite’s new Attrition mode when you get a chance…’ I don’t want a dumbed down version of Halo Infinite’s potential for a [battle royale] experience. I don’t wanna play [it] on MP… a new mode.”

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Timestamp: 2:07:22 

Doc have previously called on Halo to get a battle royale mode to avoid trouble, but there are few signs it will get one anytime soon, if at all.

He continued, admitting that he might play it on stream despite considering it a “dumbed down” version of a Halo BR: “It might be interesting to check out though. The functionality of those mechanics. How it flows, how it looks.”

It seems the Doc may need some more convincing to invest plenty of time into Halo’s Attrition mode but, with no proper BR for him to get his moustache into, it might be a sufficient substitute.

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