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How to fix Halo Infinite aim assist bug on PC

Published: 17/Nov/2021 13:29 Updated: 17/Nov/2021 15:25

by Sam Smith


A new bug on Halo Infinite is causing PC players to lose aim assist when using a controller. Here’s how to avoid this problem.

Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer beta dropped earlier this week, to the surprise (and delight) of players everywhere, but one thing has been bothering some PC players using a controller.

A bizarre bug is causing players to lose their aim assist when playing on PC with a controller. However, when these players check their settings, the function is still showing as active.

Players are then forced to play without aim assist or to log out and try again. The good news is the cause of the bug has been identified, and this means there’s a temporary workaround until a patch is created by 343 industries.



343 Industries
PC players using controllers would be wise to avoid the keyboard for a while.

What’s causing the Halo Infinite aim assist bug?

It’s believed that the bug starts when the player moves past the title screen. The game will encourage players to press start on their controller or enter on their keyboard to proceed. It’s this distinction that’s causing the issue.

It’s also primarily affecting those playing the game on PC through a controller. Those who press enter on their keyboard, rather than selecting start on their controller, risk the game thinking they are using a mouse and keyboard instead.

As a result, the game will then automatically turn off aim assist despite the user playing on a controller. The controller will still work as normal, but the player will find they have no aim assist. Essentially, the game is merging mouse settings with controller settings.


How to fix the Halo Infinite aim assist bug

The developers will likely patch this issue in the near future, but until then, those enjoying Halo Infinite on a PC would be wise to use the controller, not the keyboard, to navigate the game’s menus – or at least to get past the start screen.

This will clearly communicate to the game that you’re using a controller rather than a mouse and should bypass the annoying aim assist bug. Those playing with a mouse and keyboard don’t need to worry as they won’t be impacted by the aim assist bug.