All Halo Infinite vehicles: Warthog, Banshee, Scorpion, more

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Halo Infinite vehicles
343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will bring back most of the classic vehicles from the series. Here are each of the Halo Infinite vehicles confirmed so far.  

Halo Infinite will be with us on December 8, and its multiplayer is looking promising. The Halo series was a huge driver in popularising console shooters back on the original Xbox, so this next entry has big shoes to fill.

All eyes will be on the game’s multiplayer to see if it measures up, so 343 Industries will be keen to bring back as many classic features as possible. This also extends to the vehicles in Halo Infinite, which brings back classics from throughout the series. Here’s every Halo Infinite vehicle confirmed so far.


Halo vehicle speeds along
343 Industries
Halo Infinite will update the vehicles for current-gen.

All Halo Infinite vehicles

The following Halo Infinite vehicles will be returning in the game’s multiplayer and campaign:


Halo Banshee
343 Industries
The Banshee is a common and helpful sight on the Halo battlefield.

The Banshee is a classic Halo vehicle from the original game. Highly maneuverable and quick, the Banshee allows players to perform barrel rolls and other impressive tricks. It comes equipped with a plasma cannon for troops and a fuel rod cannon for aiming at other vehicles.


Halo Chopper
343 Industries
The Chopper was designed for Covenant brutes (image from Halo 3)

The vehicle of choice for Covenant Brutes, the Chopper first appeared in Halo 3 and returns for Halo Infinite. Unlike the Banshee, the Chopper protects the driver from a frontal assault all while laying down firepower from a distance. It’s slower than the banshee, but not by much.


Halo Ghost vehicle
343 Industries
The Ghost is for Covenant troops to move quickly.

The Ghost has been a staple of the Halo series since the very first game. It’s agile but doesn’t feature very strong armor or guns. We’d advise using it primarily for transport or against single foes. If taking fire from multiple directions, abandon the vehicle or find something stronger.


Halo Mongoose
343 Industries
The Mongoose is great for a speedy getaway.

First arriving in Halo 3, the Mongoose is ideal for transporting two players across the battlefield quickly. Although the Mongoose leaves both passengers exposed to gunfire, so get to your destination and disembark, before the enemy picks you off.

There’s a second variant known as the Gungoose. This allows players to shoot at the enemy while on the move, but those within are still vulnerable due to the vehicle’s lack of armor.


Halo warthog vehicle
343 Industries
The Warthog is a classic Halo transport (image from Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary)

The Warthog is the classic Halo transport, it offers medium protection and firepower. The vehicle is helpful for spraying bullets at ground troops or for blasting from one side of the map to another quickly. However, it won’t last long when surrounded or when up against rockets.

A second variant is equipped with twin rockets. This packs much more of a punch and is designed for getting in, firing the rockets, then making a speedy getaway.


Halo razorback vehicle
343 Industries
The Razorback packs less firepower than the Warthog but has more armor.

 The Razorback is a modified Warthog designed for safely transporting players from one side of the map to another. Its added armor means that it’s more likely to survive the journey than its predecessor. However, it doesn’t feature the firepower of some vehicles.


Halo scorpion tank
343 Industries
The Scorpion is a powerful tank.

Now we’re talking. The Scorpion is the classic Halo tank and like its namesake, packs one hell of a sting. It’s also able to plow into troops and shield its occupants from danger. Multiple rockets can destroy one, so the key is to keep moving. Naturally, the tank is slower than most other vehicles, but its maneuverability is still reasonably good.  It’s available on Big Team Battle modes.


Halo wasp
343 Industries
The Wasp was designed to shoot down Covenant ships.

Introduced in Halo 5, the Wasp is humanity’s answer to the Banshee, although it offers more protection. However, it’s still designed for scouting and pot-shots, and won’t last long in a sustained firefight.


Halo infinite wraith
343 Industries
The Wraith is a powerful Covenant tank (Image from the Halo Master Chief Collection)

 The Wraith is the Covenant’s answer to a Scorpion. It first appeared in the original Halo and is a firm fan favorite. The tank is heavily armored and is equipped with a deadly plasma mortar cannon. It’s harder to master than the Scorpion, but its guns go further and do more damage.

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