100 Thieves Halo Infinite team? Nadeshot teases with new 100T skin

Theo Salaun
halo infinite nadeshot 100 thieves skin
Twitter: Nadeshot / 343 Industries

The Call of Duty community’s interest in Halo Infinite only continues to grow, as 100 Thieves founder Nadeshot couldn’t help but imagine an 100T Halo team. In a new tweet, Nade showed off a mockup of what Halo’s 100T skin could look like. 

Halo Infinite’s launch has delighted fans of the series, while causing serious pain to competitive CoD players. Soon after the game’s release, Call of Duty League pros were already jealous of the tournament circuit and ranked play launches.

And the community also took note of the esport team skins Halo Infinite started off its beta with.

Among those to become infatuated with Halo Infinite, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag stands out. The owner of the 100 Thieves esports org is already getting fans’ hopes up and imagining what his team’s branding would look like.

Nadeshot shares 100 Thieves Halo Infinite skin teaser

After someone designed an 100 Thieves version of the Halo Infinite team skins, Nade posted it to Twitter with a simple “oh baby, baby, baby.”

This immediately drew attention, as fellow community figures like Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop responded “gimme” and others chimed in asking if it was real. Unfortunately, it is not real — but that hasn’t stopped many from hoping it might be a sign of 100T fielding a team.

In the replies, Esports Engine co-founder Adam Apicella rubbed in the fact that Nade originally didn’t get involved in the Halo Championship Series (HCS). He reminded Nadeshot that “he tried to tell you to jump on but you boys didn’t want to listen to me.”

Nade quickly responded with a hint of regret: “You just ruined my Thanksgiving, Adam.”

Although 100 Thieves skipped out on the HCS launch, it’s clear that their top brass is interested in Halo Infinite. If getting excited over a team skin design is any indication, 100T may try to get involved in the HCS as the esport opens up.