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Dr Disrespect reveals why he’s already done with H1Z1’s rebranded Z1BR

Published: 8/Mar/2019 2:03 Updated: 8/Mar/2019 2:17

by Alan Bernal


Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect decided to try out the rebranded Z1 Battle Royale, but wasn’t impressed since the shooter seems to have the same problems it had in previous iterations.

H1Z1 was a pioneering game for the battle royale genre. But after numerous AAA games filled the scene, the Daybreak Game Company title quickly fell into obscurity and eventually turned the development over to NantG Mobile.

The rebrand and release of a huge Season 3 update spiked Dr Disrespect’s interest in the game, if not for a moment. But problems arose as soon as he hopped into the client, which already had him slamming the game’s developers.

Even though the Doc gave the new version of the game a chance, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to go far in the latest version.

“These guys didn’t learn, did they,” Dr Disrespect said after seeing his high ping. “I can’t do anything in H1 with an 86 millisecond connection to their stupid east coast servers cause they’re too low budget as a studio to open a few west coast servers. It’s sickening.”

Though the Doc pressed on, games weren’t exactly going his way.

Throughout his matches, he encountered problems with getting into vehicles, point-blank shotgun blasts not killing enemies, and high ping through most games.

It took the Two-time less than 40 minutes of gameplay to decide he wasn’t going to be returning to the classic shooter.

“For me that’s… It was good to taste H1Z1 but man, that was all I needed and that’s the last time I will ever play H1Z1,” Dr Disrespect said. “That’s all I needed. I’ve done it all in H1Z1, did it all. Maxed out everything. Then to play Triple-A games and go back to that — it’s just uh — I can’t do it. Some can, and good luck. I can’t do it man.”

Though the new developers have high hopes for the game’s major content overhaul, there are still way too many problems for the Doc to buy into the rebranded title.


Streamer embarrasses H1Z1 hacker with fake ‘interview’

Published: 18/Jan/2020 11:25

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamer Flamehopper turned the tables on a hacker in H1Z1 by proposing an interview that immediately became a way to trap them. 

Before PUBG blew up on Twitch, Fortnite took over the world, and Apex Legends made its mark, H1Z1 was the original battle royale game that streamers flocked to. 

Daybreak’s title was never as polished as its rivals but it set the tone for what was going to follow – kicking off the battle royale revolution. Since then, it has been left behind – despite plenty of updates – but some streamers are still playing. With a smaller player base, hackers and cheats can have more of a free reign as they want their moment in the spotlight.

An image of H1Z1's Outland map with fighting characters

That’s exactly what Flamehopper did during his January 17 stream. As the streamer played H1Z1, he ran into a hacker who had been making a police car fly across the sky when he managed to bring them down to the ground for an ‘interview.’

The hacker asked that he not be killed, to which the streamer obliged – at least for a minute. “I have a question for you, come here. On a scale of one to five, where five is the greatest… hold on, you’re bouncing all over, we’ve got to get the interview cam set,” said Flamehopper, as he got the hacker to stand still.

Of course, it was all a rouse. As soon as the cheater stopped avoiding his clutches, the streamer gunned him down with a quick burst of fire to the head. “I hope you find happiness bro,” he added before driving away. “I hope you find happiness.”

After the deed had been done, the streamer took a moment to celebrate the fact that he had a ‘clean lobby’ now that the hackers were out of the way. 

However, if he does run into anymore in the future, Flamehopper will have to hope that the hackers want their moment in the spotlight if he plans to run the same bamboozle attempt again.