Rainbow Six Operation Demon Veil battle pass details: All rewards & challenges

Ash rappeling while wearing Rainbow Six Operation Demon Veil battle pass skinUbisoft

Rainbow Six Operation Demon Veil is now live, and that means there’s a new battle pass to grind. If you want early access to Azami, as well as plenty of rewards, you’ll want to complete all the challenges on offer ⁠— so here’s what you need to know.

The battle pass system is now a staple of Rainbow Six Siege, with it being integral to having both early access to Operators as well as earning plenty of rewards ⁠— cosmetic or otherwise.

While the Year 7 Pass has returned to streamline things somewhat, the Operation Demon Veil battle pass is still a must-grind if you want to maximize your Siege experience across the first season of 2022.

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Here’s what you need to know about Operation Demon Veil’s battle pass in Rainbow Six, including all the rewards on offer and how long you have to complete all the challenges.

How much does the Demon Veil battle pass cost?

Like every other Rainbow Six battle pass, the Operation Demon Veil one comes with two tracks: A free one and a premium one.

The free one is as described ⁠— costs absolutely nothing ⁠— but you’ll only get limited rewards like select weapon and Operator skins.

The Premium one will be given to players for free if they bought the Year 7 Pass, or will otherwise cost 1200 R6 Credits. You’ll get access to all of the rewards, including the all new Bravo Packs ⁠containing no duplicates. That’s on top of R6 Credits, Renown boosters, full weapon and Operator skin sets, and more.

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You can choose to buy the battle pass later on and retroactively earn all the rewards, but you’ll miss out on the XP boost by buying Premium early, so be prepared to work a bit harder if you don’t cough up some cash.

Bravo pack in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
Bravo Packs contain no duplicates.

How many tiers are there in the Demon Veil battle pass?

The best part about the Operation Demon Veil battle pass is it basically has an unlimited number of tiers. While the ‘formal’ battle pass rewards run out after Level 100, you’ll be rewarded with Bravo Packs for every five tiers past 100 you climb over.

The rewards are pretty evenly distributed across all the tiers. While you get plenty early on with the Premium pass, especially with early access to Azami, you can expect a smattering of skins from Rare to Legendary throughout your grind.

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This includes Operator cosmetics for: Ace, Ash, Azami, Castle, Flores, Gridlock, Hibana, Kaid, Lion, Melusi, Nomad, Smoke, and Thorn.

Demon Veil battle pass challenges

Obviously to progress in your battle pass during Operation Demon Veil you have to play some Siege. However, completing the weekly challenges ⁠— and contributing to the fortnightly community ones ⁠— will help you in your goal of maxing out the pass.

These usually give around a tier’s worth of experience, making them worth hunting down. Most of the time you don’t really need to adapt your play: it’s just about getting killed with specific weapons or clearing out utility.

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They’re randomized for each player so we can’t list them out (although the community challenges are unified), but just keep checking each week to see what your new tasks are!

Rainbow Six Operation Demon Veil battle pass in-gameUbisoft
There’s 100 tiers of rewards in the Operation Demon Veil battle pass formally — but you can still get Bravo Packs if you grind further.

When does the Operation Demon Veil battle pass expire?

The Operation Demon Veil battle pass opened up on March 15 and will run until June 6, 2022.

After that, Rainbow Six Year 7 Season 2 will be around the corner, so get grinding so you can reach Tier 100 (and beyond) as soon as possible!