How to get Tfue’s complete gaming setup: Tfue PC, streaming equipment & more

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Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney is one of the most mechanically gifted players in the gaming world. The 24-year-old star rose to fame during Fortnite’s height as the biggest game in the world. But what does Tfue actually use for his gaming setup?

Tfue was once one of the best Fortnite players in the world, and also one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. Sitting comfortably with 11M followers on the Amazon-owned platform makes him the 4th most-followed creator on Twitch.

Being one of the best at what he does, many aspiring gamers wonder what Tfue uses to play every day. Here’s a full list of Tfue’s gaming setup, including all the equipment that he uses to stream.

Tfue gaming equipment

Below is a list of the peripherals Tfue uses in his setup:

When it comes to shooters such as Fortnite and Apex Legends – two games Tfue plays regularly – you definitely need a good mouse. Hence why Tfue uses the super lightweight Final Legendary Diamond. Unfortunately, with only 50 of them ever made, it’s unlikely you’ll get your hands on one.

For his keyboard and mousepad, Tfue rocks with his own custom Novelkeys NK65 nad Mega Pink mousepad. However, both of these are luckily available for purchase from Novelkeys.

When it comes to audio, the popular streamer ensures he’ll never mishear footsteps with the $1800 Sennheiser HD 800 S headset. Paired with the popular Alienware AW2521H, Tfue certainly won’t be limited by his setup.

Tfue gaming PC specs

Here are Tfue’s gaming PC components:

Like all gamers, Tfue likes to run his games as smoothly as possible, and that’s exactly what he does with the help of his Intel i9-10900K CPU and his mammoth of a graphics card, the NVIDIA RTX 3090.

When adding into consideration his 64GBs of RAM running at 3466MHz, it’s no wonder Tfue is one of the best in gaming. His 2TB NVMe SSD, also ensures he’s never missing valuable playing time, allowing him to load into games faster than ever.

However, that’s only half the story, as the popular creator opts to run a dual PC setup, letting a separate computer handle all the heavy workload that streaming requires. Here are Tfue’s streaming PC components that we know of:

Tfue streaming PC specs

True Clix Fortnite Cringe

Tfue streaming setup

While he may have a beast of a setup running dual PCs, Tfue needs some of the best equipment to ensure his stream is running at the highest quality possible. Here’s what Tfue uses to stream daily:

When it comes to audio, Tfue went for a safe option. He’s currently rocking with a SHURE SM7B, running through his GO XLR – both of which are very popular picks among streamers. Making him look crisp on stream is thanks to his Sony Alpha A6600 camera.

As always, using Tfue’s exact setup isn’t going to guarantee to bring you the same success he’s achieved over the years, but you’ll sleep well knowing you’ve got some of the best equipment money can buy.

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