Gotham Knights suits: All Transmogs and Colorways

an image of nightwing in gotham knightsWarner Brother Montréal

Gotham Knights will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a new suit. Want to know what all the Transmogs and Colorways are? Here’s what you need to know about tweaking your suit in Gotham Knights.

If you’re going to be cleaning up the streets of Gotham City – it’s always good to do it with some style. Gotham Knights brings customization into the fold, as players can tweak their loadouts to craft their ideal aesthetic.

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Of course, there are some tributes to iconic outfits within the Batman mythos, as well as some fresh ideas too.

Not sure what or how many Transmogs and Colorways are in Gotham Knights? Worry not, we’ve rounded them up.

All Gotham Knights Transmogs

As you complete the game’s mainline missions and sidequests, you’ll be able to craft new suits. Crafting them will often unlock a new Transmog – a definitive costume that cannot be changed. These can be bonded to your current loadout as an aesthetic-only change.

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Some are them will be familiar to comic book enthusiasts, while others are fresh iterations for the game alone. Here is every Transmog you can acquire:

  • Current Suit
  • New Guard
  • Titan
  • Eternal
  • Year One
  • Neon Noir
  • Demon
  • Privateer
  • Metal
  • Beyond
  • Knight Ops
  • Shinobi
  • Knightwatch
  • Talon
  • Knighthood
gotham knights knightwatch transmogsWarner Brother Montréal
Iconic suits designed by DC Comics legend Jim Lee appear in the game.

We’d like to note that the ‘Knightwatch’ Transmogs, designed by Jim Lee, are exclusive to Gotham Knights Deluxe Edition. Though most of the Transmogs can’t be customized, it is possible to apply Colorways to some of them. You won’t be able to change ones like ‘Knighthood’ or ‘Knightwatch’, however.

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All Gotham Knights Colorways

You’ll likely spend plenty of time tweaking your suit in Gotham Knights. While using the ‘Current Suit’ Transmog, it is possible to change your suit’s Cowl, Boots, Gauntlets, and Symbol.

To top it off, various Colorways can add a new level of style. Here’s every Colorway you can get your hands on:

  • Iconic Alpha
  • Iconic Bravo
  • Iconic Charlie
  • Iconic Delta
  • Chroma Gray Ghost
  • Chroma Accent
  • Tribute Asylum
  • Uniform Court
  • Uniform Kobra
  • Uniform Atlantis
  • Tribute Slade
  • Chroma Frost
  • Ultra Zurr-En-Arrh
  • Tribute Drake
  • Tribute Todd
  • Tribute Gordon

Eagle-eyed DC Comics fans will spy that ‘Uniform Atlantis’, ‘Tribute Slade’, ‘Uniform Kobra’, and Ultra Zurr-En-Arrh are pulled straight from deep Batman lore. The first two Colorways are a homage to Aquaman and supervillain Deathstroke.

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all gotham knights colorwaysWarner Brother Montréal
Add some flair to your Transmogs with several Colorways.

Kobra is a legendary villain created by Jack Kirby, that first appeared in 1976. The Zurr-En-Arrh Colorways is a tribute to the alien Tlano, who acts as an unhinged version of Batman on his own planet. To unlock new Colorways, you’ll need to continue crafting new suits and progressing through the game.

And there you have it – get out there and take on Gotham with a new vibrant suit. If you want to become the best Knight, dive into our other guides here.

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