Gotham Knights: Batgirl Skill Tree explained

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Gotham Knights features different Skill Trees for Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood. You’ll need to master them all to make your Knight a powerful hero. Here is Batgirl’s Skill Tree explained in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights is here and it’ll take all your wits to save the city from a devastating peril. Over the course of the game, you’ll unlock new suits – but your hero will need some serious upgrades too.

It won’t be long before you discover that each hero has their own Skill Tree, which will grant you several abilities for the heat of battle.

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With four heroes to choose from, many will steer toward Batgirl. Here’s everything you need to know about Batgirl’s Skill Tree.


Gotham Knights: Batgirl’s Skill Tree upgrades

Barbara Gordon will entice players looking for the most Batman-adjacent gameplay. Formerly known as The Oracle, Batgirl’s tough-as-nails fighting style and gadgets are sure to keep your enemies at bay.

Batgirl’s Skill Tree, like the other characters, is split into four separate sections: Justice, Grit, Oracle, and Knighthood. You’ll also need to grind for Ability Points, which are gained through completing sidequests, crimes, and the story.

Gotham Knights: Batgirl Justice Skill Tree

UpgradeJustice Skill TreeAbility Point Cost
Perfect EvadeBatgirl performs a perfectly timed evade that generates Momentum and allows for a Perfect Attack follow-up 1 AP
Critical ExpertiseIncreases Batgirl’s critical damage by 20% 1 AP
Elite BeatdownBeatdown can’t be interrupted by most enemy attacks. Batgirl’s defense increases by 20% while using the ability 1 AP
HeavyweightIncreases Batgirl’s heavy melee attack damage by 10% and stun elemental effect buildup by 20% 2 AP
Precise StrikesIncreases Batgirl’s chance of landing a Critical hit by 10% 2 AP
Piercing BeatdownThis upgraded version of Beatdown can interrupt enemies’ armored attacks 2 AP
Critical FocusIncreases Batgirl’s chance of landing a critical hit by 10%. Increases critical damage by 10% 3 AP

Gotham Knights: Batgirl Grit Skill Tree

UpgradeGrit Skill TreeAbility Point Cost
HP +Increases Batgirl’s base health by 40%. Does not apply to bonus health provided by gear 1 AP
Enemy Counter Focus Batgirl receives a 75% defense bonus when hit by an enemy counter-attack 1 AP
Unflinching Heavy StrikeMost enemy attacks can’t interrupt Batgirl’s heavy melee attacks 1 AP
Second WindBatgirl can revive herself once after her health is depleted. Restores 50% health 3 AP
Second Wind +Second Wind also grants Batgirl a full Momentum segment and a 10% increased chance of landing a critical hit for 15 seconds 2 AP
Vigilante ResolveBatgirl can now use Second Wind twice 2 AP
Critical FocusBatgirl regains 4% health upon defeating an enemy or 8% health upon defeating an enemy with a grab strike or a takedown 2 AP

Gotham Knights: Batgirl Oracle Skill Tree

UpgradeOracle Skill TreeAbility Point Cost
Remote HackingUsing AR mode. Batgirl can disable certain devices, like cameras, turrets, mines, electronic panels, and laser control modules 1 AP
Shocking Devices Batgirl can overcharge an enemy’s gun and/or device, instantly applying a Bioelectric elemental effect to the enemy (must wait after cooldown to re-use) 1 AP
Digital GhostElectronic devices, such as sensors and cameras, cannot detect Batgirl 2 AP
Gear OverclockingBatgirl overclocks her abilities to deal 10% extra damage. She can also hack her allies’ abilities to give them a 15% damage bonus for 20 seconds 2 AP
Hacking OverloadBatgirl’s hacking changes the function of security systems and makes electrical panels explode 2 AP
Super Health PacksHealth Packs provide an extra 20% health and grant a 50% defense increase for 10 seconds 2 AP
Health Packs +Health Packs efficiency increases by 20%. Health Packs now also affect allies close to Batgirl 2 AP

Gotham Knights: Batgirl Knighthood Skill Tree

UpgradeKnighthood Skill TreeAbility Point Cost
GlideBatgirl uses her cape to glide through the air. She can adjust her pose to turn and gain or reduce her glide speedUnlocked via Knighthood questline
Grapple Pull Batgirl uses her grapple to pull an enemy towards her. When used on a large enemy, Batgirl pulls herself toward the enemy 1 AP
Fear TakedownAmbush takedown inflicts Fear in nearby enemies. Critical damage and critical chance increase by 15% for 10 seconds 1 AP
Health Regen +When outside of combat, Batgirl’s health automatically regenerates up to 40% 1 AP
Enhanced ComboIncreases the number of attacks in Batgirl’s melee and ranged attack combo by 1. The last melee hit is a knockdown 2 AP
Drone FirepowerIncreases firing rate of Batgirl’s Drone 3 AP
Drone Ambush BlastOnce per summon, Batgirl’s drone unleashes a large burst of damage on all nearby enemies 3 AP

And there you have it – that is Batgirl’s Skill Tree explained. For more about the game, be sure to check some other tips and guides:

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