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xQc’s wholesome new GTA RP character befriends formerly harassed streamer

Published: 7/May/2021 1:56

by Theo Salaun


xQc’s new GTA RP character, a police officer, is off to a surprisingly wholesome start in the NoPixel server — as he quickly made amends and befriended a streamer who was formerly harassed by his chat.

The most popular streamer on Twitch and in GTA RP, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s ‘Jean Paul’ (also known as ‘X’) character arrived at an untimely demise on May 4. Due to incessant backlash and drama surrounding the controversial character’s behavior, xQc considered quitting RP completely before deciding to get rid of ‘X’ and create a new persona

After nonstop bans and problems with the law, xQc’s new character is a direct contrast to his old one — and not just because it’s a cop. Known as Pierre Paul, the new avatar not only protects, instead of breaking, the law, but also mends relationships Jean Paul formerly broke.


In April, xQc was the subject of chat hopping drama as his fans harassed a GTA RP streamer named KylieBitkin. Despite that unfortunate drama, Kylie was ‘pleasantly surprised’ to go on a ride along with xQc’s new character and it seems like the beef has been squashed in a very wholesome manner.

As Kylie, whose character goes by Brittany Angel, explains: “That was pretty fun, dude. I’m not gonna lie. Out of all of the people I expected to have fun riding along with, xQc was definitely not one of them. So that was a really big, pleasant surprise.”


This reaction is not one anyone could have predicted a month ago, when xQc would only be expected to ride in a cop car if he was in the backseat. 

But it seems the streamer’s new character holds no grudge against Brittany Angel for shooting Jean Paul during a robbery. And, as seen in a clip with Sykkuno, xQc’s new cop is impressively respectful of police hierarchies.

While some may have worried that xQc might try and steal Sykkuno’s car, he instead seems somewhat respectful and it turns out he is simply on a mission to find someone: “I’m looking for my superior, Mrs. Brittany.”


When the rookie police officer finds out his superior is nowhere to be found, he runs off into the distance screaming “no!”

Respecting authority figures, mending relationships, and refusing to steal vehicles — xQc’s new, surprisingly wholesome GTA RP character is very different from the last. And, thus far, fellow server members seem to really appreciate it.