xQc calls out NoPixel GTA RP police for ‘double standards’ over voice ID

xQc explains why he is “ready to move on” from GTA RPTwitch: xQcOW / NoPixel / Rockstar

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel hit out at police on the NoPixel GTA RP server for having double standards when it comes to voice identification. The Canadian streamer claims players like Sykkuno get treated differently.

Ever since joining NoPixel’s wildly popular Grand Theft Auto online server, xQc’s infamous Jean Paul character has had a tumultuous relationship with the channel’s police force. The former Overwatch pro was even banned back in May due to his disputes with the game’s meta.

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During his July 15th broadcast, Lengyel argued that certain users are being singled out when their voice is recognized by cops. The Canadian argued streamers like Sykunno are not being treated the same way because the PD likes him in real life.

xQc robbing bank in GTA NoPixelTwitch: xQcOW
xQc called out NoPixel police for identifying players by their voice.

xQc rants aginst NoPixel police using voice identification

While talking to viewers, xQc argued that he is being singled out by the NoPixel police department during bank robberies because they recognize his real voice. The Twitch star then used popular streamer Sykkuno as an example of double standards.

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“How often does Sykkuno get caught with voice ID? How often? NEVER! Because whether [the NoPixel police] like you or not, or like your character or not, they will use or not use voice ID.  When it shouldn’t be about how much you enjoy a character. It should be a blanket thing that applies across the board!” the streamer ranted.

He then argued that cops on the server were being inconsistent. “Oh, this guy it’s his real voice. But I like this character so GUYS, who was that?” Lengyel said imitating the GTA RP police officers. “And when I show up I say “hi” and they are like JEAN PAUL!” Holy s**t. It gives me no room to play with, man.”

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Despite his rant, the Twitch star was not criticizing Sykkuno. The two streamers are actually close friends and collaborate often. The duo has become a favorite among fans when they team up their characters in the GTA RP server. His issue is more to do with NoPixel police, who he claims are inconsistent when it comes to using voice identification during crimes.

Only time will tell if the issue continues to be a problem. This isn’t the first time xQc has had an issue with cops in the Grand Theft Auto multiplayer, though. The former Overwatch pro also hit out at the PD during the same broadcast for breaking negotiations during bank heists.

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