Will Grand Theft Auto Online’s Cops ‘N Crooks DLC ever resurface?

Ryan Lemay
Rockstar Games

June 2022 marks the third year anniversary of when the Grand Theft Online Cops ‘N Crooks DLC was supposed to be released — and GTA Online fans still look back on what could have been. 

First rumored in 2019, the Cops “N Crooks DLC was set to be centered around the fan-favorite GTA IV game mode Cops and Crooks. GTA role-playing servers became a massive trend online and most of them focused on the premise of players taking up roles as either police officers or crooks.

The demand seems to be there for a similarly themed mode in GTA Online.

GTA Online’s last major update was “The Contract,” and released in December 2021. Rockstar releases weekly content, but the next big update is rumored to be the annual “Summer Update.” With no news as to the future of the teased mode,

Will Cops ‘N Crooks be in GTA Online?

Fans flocked to Reddit and collectively asked if the Cops ‘N Crooks DLC will ever see the light.

The Cops N’ Crooks mode splits the server into two teams. Crooks have to make it to a getaway vehicle at a random location that was only known by them before the cops team stopped them.

The DLC was rumored to be released in June 2020, but Cops ‘N Crooks vanished and never reached the live servers.

But with no news on the horizon, Reddit users lamented on the lost game mode. Most depressing was one player who said, “nothing I have done in GTA Online compared to what I did in GTA IV. It was just a different vibe.”

For now, the Cops ‘N Crooks DLC remains nothing but a pipe dream, but it could be a perfect addition at the launch of GTA 6.