Wild GTA Online glitch has been stealing buildings since new update

franklin in gta onlineRockstar Games

Rockstar Games has been urged to step in with a hotfix after a GTA Online bug started stealing buildings across Los Santos.

Property is one of the most important elements of Grand Theft Auto V’s online experience.

Whether you’re buying up land or businesses to make money, it’s a surefire way to start putting your fingerprint on the map – not to mention, building up wealth.

However, since the game’s most recent update in September, it has been reported that agency buildings (among others) are being made impossible to enter. The Agency was first added in December last year, with The Contract expansion.

GTA 5 glitch is removing doors on some buildings

Reddit user posted about the problem on September 12, met with a wall of replies claiming the same thing has been happening to them.

They said: “Somebody stole my agency door. Can’t have s**t in Los Santos.”

The image they uploaded showed the Galileo House property without an entrance, which had been filled in with large bricks.

One user replied: “Ever since this update someone keeps stealing whole streets,” suggesting it is not just the House being impacted by the glitch.

Another said: “It’s mental. I crashed a jet the other day as a fucking entire building just popped up. It’s so disorienting.”

“The amount of times I’ve nearly crashed because the whole street has disappeared isn’t funny anymore. It’s an absolutely terrible experience,” a third added.

Others joked that those within the agency have packed up and taken the money with them, before the player could reach the office. Rockstar are yet to comment on the issue, at the time of writing.

Whatever the scenario, it will not be long before the next update hits on September 15.