Where is GTA 6 set? 5 locations we’d love in new Grand Theft Auto

GTA city with GTA 6 logoRockstar Games

GTA 6 is now confirmed to be on the way, but fans still have a boatload of questions about the long-awaited Rockstar title. One of the biggest mysteries is where the sequel will be set, so we’ve put together a list of possibilities we’d love to see.

After years of rumors and alleged leaks, Rockstar has finally confirmed that development on Grand Theft Auto 6 is underway. Ever since, the internet has been ablaze with expectations and thoughts on what the sequel needs.

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One of the biggest mysteries surrounding GTA 6 is where it will be set. After the better part of a decade in Los Santos with GTA 5, the question of where the new game will take place is hot on fans’ lips.

There’s still no official word on GTA 6’s setting, but there are plenty of possibilities, from familiar locations to entirely new ground. We’ve put together a list of the top settings we’d love to see in Grand Theft Auto 6.

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WikiMediaCommons: Picasa
The GTA series hasn’t visited London since 1999.

Many fans don’t realize that the very first Grand Theft Auto had expansions set in London. Given that those missions were released in 1999, the series is long overdue for a return to the United Kingdom.

After so long with GTA 5, abandoning the US altogether and shifting cultures might help the sequel avoid comparisons and alleviate any possible staleness. With an entirely new country to parody, the great minds at Rockstar have a wealth of people, cars, and landmarks to adapt with their trademark wit.

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From a gameplay point of view, tearing through the streets of Westminster or flying over Buckingham Palace would certainly be a riot in both single-player and multiplayer. While the vastly different political landscape could make for an interesting story.

Memorable depictions of London are few and far between in gaming – honorable mentions to The Getaway and Watch Dogs Legion – and GTA 6 feels like the ideal game for a definitive version of England’s capital.


TokyoRockstar Games
Tokyo would be drastic a shift for the series, but one we’d love to see.

Until now, the franchise very much focused on English-speaking cultures, namely the United States. However, in the past, Rockstar founder Dan Houser suggested that the series is not necessarily limited to western settings.

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With this in mind, moving to Asia with a game set under the lights of Tokyo could be a refreshing change of pace for long-time fans. Japan’s capital is overflowing with personality, making it the perfect place for an open-world sandbox.

On the face of it, Japan seems like a different world to the American settings we’ve seen previously. But that’s exactly why it would be such an exciting idea, giving the players the closest thing to a playable version of Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, complete with the high-octane action we know and love.

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Many games have brought Tokyo to life, but the time and budget afforded to Rockstar means they have all the tools to do it justice. And with the likes of the Yakuza having ties to the city, the potential for an explosive story is already there.


Austin Texas Sixth StreetWikiMediaCommons: Larry D. Moore
Tearing down the iconic Sixth Street doesn’t sound too bad.

If GTA 6 sticks with an American setting, then Texas is an option that could pay dividends for the series. While Red Dead Redemption took a lot of inspiration from Texas in its portrayal of the Old West, a modern version of the city is something you don’t see too often.

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Contrary to popular belief, Texas isn’t all desert land and has everything needed to build a stunning map. Austin and Houston are sprawling cities full of skyscrapers, while the mountains, forests, and oceans would make it one of the most varied locations we’ve visited.

The Lone Star State’s love of music would help give it some much-needed personality. Plus, its well-documented ties to Western movies provide the sort of opportunity that the devs would relish.

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It might not be the first place you think of, but Texas has all the ingredients of a stellar GTA map.

Vice City

Vice City streetRockstar Games
Vice City is GTA’s most colorful location to date.

While we’d love to see somewhere brand new, there’s every chance that GTA 6 will revisit an old faithful.

It’s been 20 years since our first visit to Vice City, and it remains one of the most memorable locations in the series to date. Heavily based on 1980’s Miami, the neon-soaked streets of Vice City had character that would benefit greatly from a modern remake.

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Rockstar has a history of returning to previous locations, much like GTA 5 did with San Andreas. This time, with all of the power that new consoles and PCs have at their disposal, we could see a version of the Vice City map that includes even more of Florida and the surrounding area.

GTA is known for its satirical take on American life, so a present-day depiction of the Miami beaches makes perfect sense. The Southwest’s unique vibe would also help distinguish it from Los Santos immediately, allowing the series to establish a whole new tone from day one.

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Liberty City

Liberty City GTA 4Rockstar Games
Liberty City is a fan favorite, so a bigger and better version would be great to see in GTA 6.

Liberty City was the version of New York where the events of GTA 4 took place. While our last joyride through Manhatten was only in 2008, it’d be intriguing to see what is possible with the city using modern technology.

Back when Nico Bellic first set foot in town, the devs were incredibly limited when it came to how broad the map could be. With GTA 6, the scale and density of Liberty City could be something to behold.

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To avoid repetition clashes with the original Vice City, they could include the likes of Long Island or even elements of Boston and Philadelphia to help flesh things out. There’s no doubt that Los Santos felt like a bustling metropolis, but the distinct look and feel of Liberty City makes for a playground unlike any other.

While the original felt a tad dreary and repetitive after hundreds of hours of playing, the devs now have the capabilities to make Liberty City a more vibrant and diverse setting with more to offer.

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There you have it, those were the cities we’d love to see in GTA 6. For more of the latest news on Rockstar’s next big game, head over to our dedicated Grand Theft Auto page.

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