TikToker’s “Pirate Radio” station is so good fans want it in GTA 6

gta's lazlow looking at tiktok logoRockstar Games, TikTok

GTA fans are desperately seeking the talents of a popular TikToker who amassed quite a large following on the social media platform, and think he would be a great fit for a GTA 6 radio station.

Anticipation and excitement for Rockstar’s next Grand theft Auto game is already in overdrive as fans are desperate to know where it will be set, who the main characters are, and all the usual juicy details.

One of the most underrated aspects of the GTA games are their radio stations and hundreds of hours of humorous material written. Everyone knows an icon such as Lazlow Jones, but it seems like more potential names are being outed for GTA 6.

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player switching radio stations in GTA 5Rockstar Games
Rockstar notoriously record hours of lines for GTA’s radio stations.

GTA 6 fans want Tiktoker radio station

TikTok personality Graeme Barrett has become quite the hit on the platform and his wacky videos have drawn over 5 million views and gained him 150,000 followers.

Some of his most popular content have been his Pirate Radio clips in which he begins each video by welcoming his viewers and proclaiming that “the truth can’t be silenced.”

After each introduction, Barrett will then pose a question to his viewers and listeners, usually of a ridiculous nature, before concluding with “more after this” and breaking into a musical interlude. One of the most recent examples saw him ask the audience: “Is Tom Holland too short to be a lizard person?”

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A reoccurring demand from his loyal followers is that Barrett should be included in the upcoming sixth mainline entry into the GTA franchise.

The comments on his Pirate Radio TikToks are very supportive: “If this station ain’t on GTA 6 I ain’t playing,” said sammumford99, whilst colinfry599 replied: “Bro gotta have a radio station on GTA 6.”

The list of positivity goes on with TikTok user Nate saying: “This needs to be a GTA station…” and mdaps claiming: “I would unironically listen to this.”

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It’s the kind of out there humor that would fit right into GTA 6 and unless Rockstar Games are planning to make the next iteration a lot more serious, then maybe a louder and more vocal campaign for Graeme Barrett might have an influence.

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