Sykkuno stream snipes Disguised Toast in GTA RP return and its hilarious

. 7 months ago
Disguised Toast side-by-side with Sykkuno GTA RP skin
Disguised Toast/Sykkuno

Streaming star Sykkuno decided to have a little fun with his pal Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang as he made his return to Twitch by stream sniping him in GTA RP. 

As GTA RP exploded in popularity once again at the start of 2021, fans of different creators and streamers were constantly asking them to get involved with the NoPixel server.

Many, including Disguised Toast, aired reservations about diving into the game with a tonne of people that they didn’t know. Though, many others, like Sykkuno, dove in with two feet and haven’t looked back since.

With Toast making a return to Twitch following the end of his Facebook Gaming contract, the Offline TV member decided to boot up GTA RP once again and jump in as his Amon Gus character. Though, he didn’t foresee Sykkuno jumping on his stream out of the blue.

Diguised Toast talking on stream and his GTA RP character
Disguised Toast
Toast’s character in GTA RP is called Amon Gus – a play on Among Us.

Sykkuno & Buddha stream snipe Disguised Toast

If you don’t roll with a big group and opt to stay by yourself in GTA RP, you can find yourself taking a few minutes scrolling across the map and trying to find something to do.

This happened to Toast as he parked his character on a sidewalk and started plotting out things to do using the map. With his character idle and just standing them, at the mercy of everyone, Sykkuno decided to pop in for a brief moment.

“Toast is back on Twitch, let’s go!” he shouted before speeding away. Though he heard him, Toast didn’t spot his pal driving away, leaving him slightly baffled. “What the fuck?” he called out before letting loose with laughs.

As he composed himself, Toast finally got a glimpse of his pal as Buddha rolled by, pleading for them to not get banned after breaking character and mentioning Twitch.

Toast and his viewers saw the funny side of that too, as he kept chuckling away and trying to plot out his next move for his character.

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