Sykkuno explains that GTA RP has had it’s time in the spotlight

an image of Sykunno with a japanese wall background next to a car rendered in GTA facing the cameraSykunno/Rockstar Games

After a long and fruitful relationship with GTA Online, the enigmatic Sykkuno indicated on-stream that he might be taking a break from the game in the near future. Talking to the cyclical nature of the industry, he made it clear it wasn’t the game’s fault, just a fact of life.

In a recent broadcast, 30-year-old super streamer Sykkuno shot down a suggestion to play GTA Online after a request from Twitch chat.

Having been asked to “please” play GTA by his fans, Sykkuno took the time to respond.

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“Guys, I said it before, GTA’s like, it’s slowing down,” he explained. “I was talking to MrLang, Tony, everybody, and even GTA mains are like ‘hey guys, what do we do in GTA now?’”

Sykkuno and his GTA RP character Yuno walking around Los SantosSykkuno
Sykkuno and the iconic dressing for his GTA character

With Sykkuno being so entrenched in the GTA RP scene that his in-game fit has become synonymous with the game itself, it’s not surprising to hear that the feelings he has about the game are ubiquitous in the scene, claiming: “everyone’s not really feeling it that much.”

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It’s important to note, however, that this is not the first time a break from the game has happened. In September 2021 a similar departure from the game occurred, with streamers eventually returning with the release of the Cayo Perico heist months later.

“I think most people agree that GTA’s getting a little stale these days, nothing wrong with that, it happens,” he continued. “It’s not the first time that everyone took a break. It’s gonna come back, it’s gonna come back eventually.”

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Talking as to why he was feeling this way about taking a break, Sykkuno explained the feelings he and other GTA content creators have: “Guys we wake up and we’ve gotta force the content, it’s not like we wake up there’s some new heist to do or something. It’s a little dry feeling”.

Making it clear he wasn’t hating the game and that this wasn’t a death knell, Sykkuno went on to assured “that’s not to say it’s dead or something, it’ll never die, there’s just not as much to do.”

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Ever the mediator: Sykkuno continued on offering that “it might just be me, but I will say I talked to Mr Lang and stuff and they all agree that they felt about the same way.”

Closing out his feelings in his trademark borderline philosophical fashion, Sykkuno left us with simple words of wisdom.

“You can’t play the same thing forever.”

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