Sykkuno asks Twitch viewers to stop giving “bad advice” to GTA RP streamers

Sykkuno GTA RPSykkuno

As he continues his journey to be one of NoPixel’s top criminals, Sykkuno has got one issue with his Twitch chat that bugs him while playing GTA RP that he hopes they can change.

Sykkuno has become one of the go-to hackers that every criminal gang needs when breaking into NoPixel’s banks. He’s got a ridiculous success rate and can nail every mini-game put in front of him.

Though, like every other GTA RP streamer, he does have Twitch chat giving him ideas and suggestions for things to do when he’s not robbing banks.

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This backseat gaming frustrates plenty of streamers, especially when chatters use ‘meta’ information to ruin a storyline or interaction. However, Sykkuno has got another issue with the constant messages – bad information.

Sykkuno while live on streamYouTube: Sykkuno
Sykkuno has been getting deep into GTA RP.

Early on in his May 17 stream, the GTA RP had been on his way to doing more criminals shenanigans when some chatters started offering bad advice about how he was planning to do a job with Valkyrae.

Sykkuno dismissed the advice but some chatters wouldn’t let it go. “The actual problem is people who like give me tips when they don’t know how the game works,” he said. “I do think they’re trying to help me, they just didn’t know.

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“What they should know, though, is giving bad advice is worse than not saying anything at all. My actual tip would be, if you don’t actually know, you probably shouldn’t say anything because I think, most of the time, giving false information is worse than giving no information. So, that’s my opinion.”

He further noted that “misleading” people with bad information is worse than anything. Why? Well, it causes confusion and could hamper their character in RP.

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Like everyone, Sykkuno’s fans just want to help, but as he points out, if you can’t really help, then leave it to someone who can.

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