Summit1g stunned in brutal GTA RP drive-by shooting

summit1g, twitch

Jaryd ‘GTA RP led to him being gunned down in a brutal drive-by shooting. 

The popular Twitch streamer plays as one of the NoPixel server’s most wanted criminals, Charles Johnson, but has had his roleplaying skills called into question after being seen firing at police officers in broad daylight on August 17.

Yet, just two days later, he was targeted by a group of other players in a blacked out vehicle, who didn’t appear to be aggressive at first but their friendly front quickly disappeared with what happened next.

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summit1g, twitchThis is what it looked like just moments before Charles Johnson was attacked in GTA RP.

Summit was climbing over a wall before being made aware of a mysterious, black Subaru driving nearby. Unsuspecting of the crew seated inside, the streamer slipped into his own vehicle right next to it and was about to leave the area.

  • Read More: CS:GO player said: “Oh f*cking hell. That sucks. That sucks man, f*cking hell. Why?”Seconds later the GTA RP police arrived to the scene with fire extinguishers to put out the fire inside the bonnet of the car, but they were too late. The drive-by shooters where well away by that point.

    Whether or not the incident was connected to summit1g previously opening fire on police officers and other players remains to be seen, but word spreads fast in the GTA RP server and we’ll surely find out the reason sometime soon.

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