Summit1g stunned as GTA RP teammate gets attacked by locals

Alex Garton
Summit GTA RP
Twitch: summit1g/Rockstar Games

Summit1g was caught completely off-guard during his GTA RP session on Twitch while towing a vehicle, as his teammate was shot by a local out of nowhere.

The release of NoPixel 3.0 server update on February 5 has had some of the biggest streamers playing GTA RP nonstop. The server hosts a roleplaying experience like no other game and regularly provides viewers with some of the funniest moments on Twitch.

One personality that has been regularly streaming GTA RP content recently is Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar. His GTA streams are consistently filled with hilarious moments and encounters, as he roleplays as his signature character Charles Johnson.

His February 16 stream was no different, but this time a random gunman completely caught him and his partner off-guard.

GTA no pixel
Rockstar Games
GTA RP’s NoPixel 3.0 server released on February 5, 2021.

Summit1g left shocked as gunman kills GTA RP teammate

During his stream, summit1g and his teammate were out on a job in GTA RP. As they were heading towards the vehicle, it seemed like it was going to be a run-of-the-mill task for some easy money. Unfortunately, that would not turn out to be the case.

As they approached the black SUV left on the side of the road, they parked up the tow truck and began to load up the vehicle. As they were doing that, a man on a motorbike was unintentionally getting in the way while attempting to ride past. Instead of taking a peaceful approach, summit’s partner kicked him off the bike and told him to move.

That would end up being the demise of the teammate. The man got up and began opening fire, hitting every single bullet.

What happened next?

After gunning Hutch down, the shooter fled the scene and left summit to call an ambulance.

Understandably, the encounter had summit laughing non-stop as he couldn’t believe what had just occurred. While explaining the situation to the paramedic, he summed up the hilarious moment rather well.

“Some local just f***ing blasted him, the biker was in the way so he tried to just bonk him out, he wasn’t too happy about that man.” The streamer even complimented the shooter’s aim: “Hutch he didn’t miss a shot bro, he f***ing g***banged on you, turned his gun sideways, and didn’t miss a shot.”

Despite the encounter nearly causing a fatality, it certainly made for an incredibly funny Twitch clip and stream moment. Although seemingly doing a relatively mundane task, GTA RP still manages to make something as boring as towing a vehicle a dramatic moment.

Let’s hope the leader of the 1G Squad continues playing GTA RP on NoPixel 3.0, as the scenarios he finds himself in are always absolutely hilarious.