Summit1g responds to Shroud’s opinion on xQc’s NoPixel GTA RP ban

Alex Garton. Last updated: May 31, 2021
Summit on Shroud's xQc
Twitch: Summit1g/Shroud/Rockstar Games

Jaryd ‘Summt1g’ Lazar has responded to Micheal ‘shroud’ Grzesiek’s take on Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s ban from NoPixel. According to him, xQc isn’t blameless for his suspension from the server and a cop character may be the “solution”.

After countless disagreements and arguments with other players while streaming GTA RP, xQc was permanently banned from NoPixel.

Although the popular streamer admitted that he’d made mistakes while playing on the server, he blamed his suspension on his fame and inability to control his fanbase.

Since the ban, a variety of online personalities have given their take on who is responsible for the termination, including FPS Twitch star shroud. He argues xQc was banned because his viewers “push him to his limit” and cause him to make bad decisions.

Well, Summit1g has reacted to Shroud’s take and given his opinion on the matter, even suggesting a solution to help xQc get back into GTA RP.

xQc character GTA RP
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xQc had been banned multiple times before his permanent suspension.

Summit1g responds to Shroud’s take on xQc’s NoPixel ban

During his stream on May 28, shroud voiced his opinion on xQc’s ban, revealing that he blames the streamer’s fans for his permanent suspension.

According to him. whenever xQc played on the server there was always someone attempting to push his buttons and drive him over the edge. This was the same experience that shroud went through when he played GTA RP, with everyone attempting to bait him and look for a reaction.

“Whether xQc did something wrong, or didn’t, doesn’t matter, the main point is, he has so many viewers that everybody… is just a bunch of leeches all of them and they’re just stuck to the person.”

After being asked what he thought about Shroud’s take, Summit1g reacted and responded to the clip on May 30.

While Summit didn’t disagree that xQc was pushed by stream snipers and certain members of the community, he does argue that the streamer has to take some responsibility for his ban.

Summit points out that xQc did manage some situations incorrectly, and if he ever wants to return to NoPixel, he’ll have to sort it out.

“But I mean xQc f****d up man, it wasn’t all about getting pestered, it always about someone picking on him, he f****d up a lot of situations.

Despite voicing his opinion that xQc wasn’t blameless for his ban, Summit did offer a solution that may give xQc the chance to return to NoPixel and make a comeback.

According to Summit, a cop character would give xQc the opportunity to stay on the straight and narrow as well as change his attitude towards RP as a whole.

“Regardless of any of it, x needs to get an attitude change when it comes to RP just to make sure everybody has a better time around him… a cop character seems like a solution to me.”

Overall, it’s obvious Summit agrees with what Shroud is saying, but argues xQc will have to make some changes alongside his audience if he wants to make a return.

Whether we ever see xQc back in the world of NoPixel is a mystery for the time being, but a cop character could be the perfect solution to keep the massive streamer out of any drama.