Summit1g explains return to GTA RP despite Escape from Tarkov success

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Twitch star Jaryd ‘summit1g‘ Lazar has finally made his return to Grand Theft Auto RP, after his character Charles Johnson took a long hiatus from the NoPixel server.

The variety streamer has taken a break from the game for quite some time, rotating between a number of other titles – chiefly Escape from Tarkov – in recent months. As many of his fans will be aware, summit is very rarely pressured into playing certain games just because they are popular at the time. If anything, he makes many of them popular himself by playing them in front of his huge audience.

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However, during a Twitch stream that lasted over 13 hours on February 18, he decided that it was time for one of the most popular GTA RP thieves to make a comeback.

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Summit1g’s Charles Johnson character has returned to GTA RP and the cops won’t be too happy about it.

It had been a long time since the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player decided to drop into the GTA V mod, although he was met with open arms from many other players – and fans – when he eventually did.

In explaining his decision to come back, he did take a moment to reassure viewers that have been sticking around for the Tarkov content too.

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He said: “Guys, this is simply a night time game. EFT is the main game. I’m not leaving EFT, not going anywhere away from EFT, but a little change of pace never hurt anybody – especially after nine and a half hours.”

There’s no doubt that those who do enjoy seeing him play Tarkov will be able to once again when he goes live on Twitch, after confirming he would be continuing to stream it moving forward.

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This does, however, mean that we could see GTA RP rotated in and out of his streaming schedule moving forward, which will be a huge bonus for not only the community on the NoPixel server, but also for fans who used to enjoy the adventures he experienced on there as well.

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Charles Johnson in GTA RP – What to expect

Those who have watched summit1g on GTA RP before will know what we’re talking about when we say you can always expect action from these streams. For those who haven’t already, and maybe started watching summit because of Tarkov, here are a few snippets of what to expect.

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Hilarious interactions

It doesn’t get much better than seeing summit connect with some of the other GTA RP characters people have built for the popular server, and this botched presentation – which sees a player die right then and there – shows you exactly why.

This clip has racked up over 100,000 views which shows just how successful his last stint on the game was.

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Bank heists

Just like GTA Online, players in GTA RP can actually walk into the banks in Los Santos and attempt to steal from them. This didn’t always go to plan for Charles Johnson, though, as the heist seen below actually ended in disaster.

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There are so many other clips of summit playing GTA RP that we could share, but just like many fans, we’ll be hoping for even more hilarious moments to transpire the more he plays the game – which could very well be more regularly in the near future.

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