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GTA • Aug 23, 2019

Summit1g baffled as GTA RP fire glitch ruins his getaway

Summit1g baffled as GTA RP fire glitch ruins his getaway
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Jaryd 'summit1g' Lazar hosted one of his most action-packed GTA RP streams on August 22, only to find his amazing run of criminal activities halted by a very strange fire glitch. 


The popular Twitch streamer was involved in a number of high profile incidents on the NoPixel server, including gunning down other players, stealing and more. 

While his escape from the police looked seamless at first, things never ended well this time around through no fault of his own, as a terrible fire glitch struck him down.


Rockstar Games
Bank heists have become a mainstay of summit1g's GTA RP streams.

Once again, summit took to the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank at the heart of Los Santos and tried to steal as much money from the vault as he could. 

After using a hostage as leverage with the police, a tactic that's been very successful in the past, the former CS:GO player managed to escape unharmed. 


The main police chase took place on the roads, but the team hopped onto a boat and steered into the sunset, seemingly with everything gone to plan. However, once they touched back on land - at the Los Santos Naval Port - things started to unravel in the most unexpected way.

"Watch the window up top, Rommy. The window up top, watch that," summit1g told his teammate, before his Charles Johnson character was set alight and knocked down. A tanker had exploded downstairs but the flames spread upwards, instead of staying down as you would expect. 

He explained: "No, it blew up below us, so the fire in this game... There's no fire levels. The fire that's way down below us ended up burning us to death. No way."


The streamer later asked his viewers what would happen if a plane flew over a fire in GTA RP, which he said might actually destroy the plane even if it's up high in the sky. 

Whether or not he'll experiment that possibility in a future stream remains to be seen, but he was clearly deflated by what happened this time out. 

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