Someone actually beat GTA V without taking any damage

Rockstar Games

A Grand Theft Auto V player has become the first in history to finish the game without ever taking any damage, and fans are blown away by this accomplishment.

GTA V was first released back in 2013, and in the seven and a half years since its launch, players have been improving their skills in Rockstar’s open-world classic.

Now, in an incredible show of skill (and a bit of luck), player ‘UnNamedD’ was able to complete the entire game’s story without ever taking damage – something that sounds downright impossible, given how many times characters in GTA are shot at and attacked.

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For most average players, GTA V would take about 30 hours to complete going by just the main story alone. Speedrunners, however, can beat the game in under six hours. When mission skips are involved, that time drops even lower, with the world record being 3 hours and 20 minutes.

This run, while lasting nine hours, is still way faster than a traditional playthrough – and had the extra challenge of never taking any damage.

As UnNameD pointed out in the video description, he completed his run using a mod called One-Hit Knock-Out, which sets character health to 1. It should be noted too that the red stamina bar doesn’t damage players initially.

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According to the player, this took 48 attempts, but he was finally able to get it done – and many are amazed by the feat.

GTA 5 update loading screenRockstar Games
GTA 5 is still going strong, even though fans want GTA 6.

“Wow, in a game as chaotic as GTA V that has so many enemies and constant shooting, this is a really great accomplishment to conquer this game after 8 years,” wrote a user on Reddit.

“It’s seriously impressive, and very lucky at the same time. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s never replicated, or only 1 or 2 more times,” another pondered.

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With GTA V being ported to PS5 and Xbox Series X this year with expanded and enhanced content, it will be interesting to see if anything newly added to the game creates a new challenge for no damage runs.

For the time being anyway, this is easily one of the most impressive GTA V accomplishments of all time – and one that not many see being matched any time soon.

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