Sodapoppin quits GTA RP server No Pixel 3.0 after claiming it's "too overwhelming" - Dexerto

Sodapoppin quits GTA RP server No Pixel 3.0 after claiming it’s “too overwhelming”

Published: 1/Mar/2021 6:17 Updated: 1/Mar/2021 6:42

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Sodapoppin has decided to quit popular GTA RP server No Pixel 3.0 for a while, due to the fact his roleplay character’s obligations have gotten “too overwhelming,” and he doesn’t enjoy streaming it like he used to.

GTA RP is a unique experience that allows players to become another person and act out their story in Los Santos, complete with influences and implications on other players, NPCs, and the city itself.

Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris has been in and out of the fictional world for a couple of years. His character, Kevin Whipaloo, manages several businesses on the server. He’s also the Floor Manager at Diamond Resort and Casino. 


However, it seems like he bit off more than he could chew. His obligations have reached a point where it feels like an actual job.

It’s left Sodapoppin feeling burnt out, and he’s decided to take a break.

Sodapoppin Quit GTA RP
Rockstar Games
Sodapoppin’s character, Kevin Whipaloo, is a prominent figure on the server.

“I’m taking a break, and I’m coming back when I feel like it,” he said. “It’s too much. Like, it’s too much.”

“I don’t want to say those things while I’m doing GTA RP. Because the last thing I want is I don’t want someone to look at Kevin in-game and be like, ‘oh, I don’t want to interact with him because I know he’s got too many interactions going on already.’”


“I don’t want people to over-think it. But at the same time, I mean, it’s f**king brutal. It’s just brutal.”

“The devs were great,” he added. “The devs have already reached out, and they’ve already been like, ‘hey, if you want us to get rid of people, just let us know, we will do it. If people are obviously only talking to you because [you’re] a big streamer, you let us know. we will f**king handle it.’”

“The devs are insanely good. The fault is mainly on me. I simply put myself in a position of serious obligations. It got overwhelming to the point where I don’t enjoy it anymore. I overestimated myself, and I don’t like it anymore. It’s too much. I like doing stupid things. I like dumb RP. I like playing with a lot of my friends outside of RP.”


“But when I play Kevin, I’m not in a position to be able to do that because I have employees. I have f**king customers. I can’t just [say], ‘oh hey, I feel like going on a bike ride.’ I can’t do that. I just can’t. I wish I could.”

Sodapoppin’s fans will miss seeing him slip into the shoes of his beloved character. However, he’ll almost certainly make a return at some point, even if it happens more sporadically.

In the meantime, he intends to stream lots of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic, and his fans can’t wait.