Sodapoppin & Hasan blown away by incredible No Pixel GTA RP BurgerShot anime

Michael Gwilliam
GTA NoPixel RP BurgerShot employees on rooftop for anime

The NoPixel GTA RP server has taken the Twitch world by storm with its immersive experience that has captivated both viewers and streamers alike. Now, all that popularity has resulted in the creation of a sick anime style opening.

Anime openings are both iconic and somewhat meme-worthy and it’s not uncommon for gifted editors to create anime-style intros for games, esports, and even communities.

The latest intro gaining steam online comes in the form of the NoPixel’s BurgerShot – a fast-food chain found within the Grand Theft Auto universe.

In the NoPixel server, Sodapoppin roleplays as the character Kevin Whipaloo who happens to be the manager of the restaurant location.

During a February 24 broadcast, the Twitch streamer decided to watch the BurgerShot anime opening and was extremely impressed.

The well-designed opening features shots of the restaurant as well as employees inside working, making food, operating the cash register, or just conversing.

Perhaps the best shot comes at the very end with all the employees on the restaurant’s roof, raising bags of food into the air as the camera pans to the cloudy, warm sky above.

For Sodapoppin, the intro was incredibly impressive. “I have no idea how to make that kinda stuff,” he told his chat. “But I love it.”

“I guess they made our characters in their server,” he further noted. “That’s crazy. That’s so much effort. I love to see it.”

HasanAbi was also amazed by all the attention to detail found in the video. “It’s so good!” he exclaimed while watching with a massive grin on his face.

The uploader, PuppetSin, wrote that the video was a “tribute to the RP surrounding Nopixel 3.0 with the launch of the RP hub that is BurgerShot.”

Elsewhere, the fan reaction has been immensely positive, with users amazed at the level of detail that went into making it. Needless to say, it seems like many would be down to watch an anime about employees who work at a fast-food joint.