Sodapoppin calls out “cringe” GTA RP “losers” on his NoPixel return

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Sodapoppin calls out "cringe" GTA RP "losers" on his Twitch return
Rockstar / Twitch: Sodapoppin

Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris returned to the GTA RP NoPixel server for the first time since quitting, but that didn’t stop him from calling it “cringe” and saying people who play it are losers.

Sodapoppin was one of the most popular streamers on the GTA RP NoPixel server.

However, he announced he was taking a “long break” in March 2021 after telling fans he felt burnt out and said he’d be back when he felt like it.

Fortunately for his fans, that time came earlier than expected. He revealed that he made a deal with popular VRChat personality Vigor, where he has to play GTA RP for at least 50 hours and serve as his assistant.

Sodapoppin Quit GTA RP
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Sodapoppin’s character, Kevin Whipaloo, was a prominent figure on the server.

But even though he’s back, if only temporarily, Soda called out a number of players who “still” play the game, including his friends.

He claimed the game is “sh*t,” called them all “losers,” and said roleplay is “cringe.”

“It’s crazy that all my friends are still playing this sh*t game,” he said. “Like, they’re actually still doing this. RP is so cringe and stupid and dumb. Anyone who roleplays is literally a loser. My friends are losers. It’s crazy.”

Soda also revealed that he no longer had to play his character Kevin Whipaloo, who has been a long-standing citizen on the server known for managing Burger Shot, Marlowe Vineyard, and the Diamond Casino and Resort.

He decided it was time to send that character into the void and was shot and killed before being thrown into a meat grinder.

It was an ironic end to his twisted story since he was previously accused of using human meat in his burgers.

So, while he roasted players on the server and roleplaying in general, he still did them the honors of giving his character a proper send-off. With that, he ended his stream, but hinted he’d be back on a new character soon.