Simple GTA Online trick eliminates paying daily bills

Connor Bennett
GTA Onlne charatcer in a nightclub
Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto Online players have got a simple tactic that allows them to not have to pay their daily bills when they come around. 

Building a criminal empire in GTA Online can be hard work. You’ve got to put the cash together to start buying up businesses, keep enemies off your back, and then start turning those businesses into money-making machines. 

Once you get going, and the businesses run efficiently, money will pile up and you’ll be able to buy pretty much whatever your heart desires. 

However, there are setbacks to owning multiple businesses and properties in Los Santos – and they come in the form of daily bills. If you own a garage, business, or house, you’ll end up paying out a lot on a regular basis, but there is a way to save yourself some cash. 

GTA online character walking around a garage
Rockstar Games
Buidling a criminal empire in GTA Online is easy. Maintaining it is a different story.

How to avoid paying daily bills in GTA Online

It really is simple too, and just revolves around going AFK – even if you’re still sat in front of the screen. 

As Reddit user EGEC1 recommends, if you start up a job and then go AFK while in your apartment, the game will simply tick over and not punish you with bills. Though, you will have to find a way to pin your thumbsticks down, so they’re in a position like they would be when you’re walking normally. 

Plus, you’ll need a job that doesn’t kick you out for being away from a car or enemy. That leaves something like ‘Titan of a job’ as an option to make it work. 

Similarly, you can also use this tactic to build up your nightclub popularity. By heading himself, triggering the dancing, and then leaving your controller AFK, you’ll be able to go up to at least 50%.

Of course, you will need the thumbsticks to be in the right position so that the game doesn’t remove you from any lobbies, because if it does, that’ll be a lot of time wasted.