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Simple GTA Online settings changes make your character look more realistic

Published: 28/Mar/2022 19:53

by Marc Griffin


A useful character customization trick in GTA Online could make your character look more realistic and easy on the eyes. 

One of the most rewarding things about GTA 5’s Online mode is that you can create a character catered to your tastes and desires. 

Offering various customizable options, players have managed to create characters from faraway worlds like Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin. 

But there have been many attempts to create a more realistic version of players; unfortunately, most have fallen short… Until now. 

Useful customization trick makes your character more realistic

People have been fooling around with the character creation options to make their characters look as close to them as possible. 


But because the game is 10+ years old, the options are a bit outdated. Working with older technology can result in dated character creations with low textures that feel reminiscent of a bygone gaming era. 

However, one player, in particular, has found a customization trick that – if followed correctly – could make your character creations look like a product of modern gaming tech. 

character creation in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
Using the customization trick created characters have a more up-res appearance

GTA Online player creates a realistic character

The person who found the trick goes by the name ‘MYNAMISHENDRIK’ on Reddit, as the user revealed their “settings/sliders” to achieve the “realistic” look. 

In the Reddit clip, the GTA Online player can navigate through the character creation screen and show off precisely what he chose and didn’t choose for his character’s design. 


In the following video, the user shows that it is possible to make the graphical output of your character “more modern”.  

“Many of the characters look generic and still look like they came straight from the Xbox 360 If you look at the low-res textures of their skin, tattoos, and clothes,” said the player in the Reddit discussion. “I just tried to make a character that looks different, with a little more personality.”

If you correctly follow the video and use the settings shown by MYNAMEISHENDRIK, your finished product should give you a character with a bit more facial detail.

It’s a great way to attempt to replicate next-gen graphics while you wait for the inevitable GTA 6 that is sure to use all the features of modern hardware.