Secret GTA 5 Liberty City Easter egg finally discovered years later

GTA 5 easter egg with liberty cityRockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been out for many years and players are still discovering things in the massive Los Santos map, including a new Liberty City Easter egg.

There is no shortage of Easter eggs in GTA 5 and GTA Online, but considering it’s been nearly 10 years since the game’s release, you’d think they all would have been discovered by now.

That couldn’t be further from the truth as just recently, a couple of French YouTubers revealed their recent discovery to the world, revealing Liberty City in Los Santos.

Wildly, however, there seems to be a big caveat to their findings that have some fellow gamers quite confused.

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Liberty City discovered in GTA 5’s Los Santos

According to Twitter account Rockstar Mag, YouTubers MrFaucheur and GamingBGK stumbled across the Easter egg on PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

By going to the Opium Nights Hotel by the airport when it’s dark and looking at the glass on the far right, players can see the Liberty City skyline in the reflection.

It’s suspected that this has to do with the name of the hotel, as opium can cause hallucinations, and seeing Liberty City in San Andreas certainly isn’t normal.

However, the fact that this Easter egg seems to be missing in the next-gen versions of GTA 5 has sparked some confusion, with Rockstar Mag saying they couldn’t see it despite trying on Performance, Performance RT and fidelity modes.

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Interestingly, this discovery comes amid rumors that players will be able to roam Liberty City in an upcoming GTA Online update. Additionally, there have been leaks of a possible return to Liberty City in GTA 6 as one of several locations.

While this discovery may not be connected to GTA 6 and future GTA Online updates, it seems like players are itching to finally move on from San Andreas after so many years.