Rockstars bans GTA 6 comments again after massive leak

GTA 5 female character looking into the distanceRockstar Games

Rockstar Games seemingly don’t want Grand Theft Auto fans to talk about GTA 6 following the massive leaks about the game, seeing as they’ve shut off comments across social media.

Ever since Rockstar confirmed that GTA 6 was in the works, the entire gaming world has been waiting for the developers to reveal screenshots or a trailer for the highly-anticipated game.

While the wait for those continues, the internet was set ablaze on September 18, when a leak revealed around 90 different videos of GTA 6’s development process – including characters, gunfights, and some new in-game mechanics.

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According to different reports, some of the videos are from 2019, while others are from 2021, meaning that plenty has changed in the meantime. Rockstar has even got the FBI on the case, seeing as the game’s source code was also compromised.

Rockstar shuts social media comments after GTA 6 leak

As a result, the developers are shutting down any sort of communication between fans on their official social media pages, as the replies have been switched off.

The change came after Rockstar issued a statement about the leaks, which, of course, went massively viral. Every post since that statement, whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or even Facebook has now had comments disabled.

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“Turned the replies off. They took those leaks to the chest,” said one fan. “No surprise they locked the comments, their biggest project got leaked so badly,” added another. “Understandable to lock the comments off. We are with you Rockstar, keep doing what you’re doing,” commented one fan who was clearly supportive of the change.

Reddit: nevik1O
Rockstar have shut off comments on their YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

While some fans are, naturally, annoyed that they can’t provide feedback on GTA Online and other games now, it’s not the first time that Rockstar has done something similar to this.

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They’ve previously banned the use of the phrase GTA 6 on their YouTube and Twitch channels, but they’re easier to moderate than Twitter and Facebook.

Rockstar Support ‘s comments are, of course, still open but it remains to be seen as to when the main channels will reopen to fans.

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