Rockstar reverts GTA Online security update after accidentally targeting the wrong players

GTA Online nightclubRockstar Games

Rockstar Games’ attempt to counter players exploiting a GTA Online duplication glitch backfired in a big way after it inadvertently targeted innocent users.

On September 7, Rockstar took aim at players using a glitch with Nightclub garages to duplicate items by implementing a background update intended to fix the problem.

Sadly, it wasn’t working as planned, and innocent players who just wanted to play GTA Online were getting kicked back to single player.

As reported by Tez2, Rockstar ended up reverting the update, but only after the damage was done.

“Numerous times when my last location has been at the Nightclub it’s had me stuck on the garage door loading screen when loaded back in or changed sessions, so turned out to be more of a Nightmare than a Nightclub!” one player remarked.

Another wondered just how miserable of an experience it would be if your spawn location was set to the Nightclub.

“Damn, imagine setting your spawn location as the Nightclub,” they mused to the tune of laughing emojis. “You wouldn’t be able to enter online whatsoever.”

Others didn’t need to imagine. “My spawns are set to Nightclub, I kept getting kicked and I thought it was because my internet died right after a heist. I cleared the cache and rebuilt the database for nothing,” a player explained.

Despite Rockstar pulling back the update, some players on Reddit are reportedly still being kicked. Some have found success by completely closing the game and restarting. Others, meanwhile, have navigated to spawn point in the interaction menu and manually changed it.

Hopefully, Rockstar’s next attempt at fixing the glitch goes as planned and players don’t find themselves trapped in limbo upon loading the game up.